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The train should reach home within an hour! I thought to myself as I looked at the time on my watch.

I am feeling quite excited to go home again, I can't wait to see the face of my cute little sister again.

Ever since she was born, I am coming home every month, there hadn't been any month other than this when I was late coming home.

I watch the blurring underground lights through the window as the train sped toward my hometown.


Finally, the train stopped and I did not waste any time as I walked toward the train door without wasting any time.


I heard cute toddler voice as I get out to rain when I look up I saw my cute little sister trying to get away from my mother's arms to come at me but no matter how furiously she tried, she wasn't able to get away from mother arms.

"How is my dear sister, give some kisses to brother., I said as I took her from arms, my mother.

Before I could even finish my sentence she started to shower her kisses on both on my cheeks.

"Brother sweets!" as she finished giving me kisses, she immediately asked for her main objective which as sweets.

"Alice dear, you only love your brother for sweets?" I asked my sister as I gave her a packet of candies.

She was so focused on sweets that she did not even reply to my question. Alice is also not the only one who is focused on sweets, Ashlyn who was on my shoulder also flew Alice shoulder to eat sweets with her.

"Brother Alice loves it!" said my sister as she started to candies from the small pouch. This Pouch is one of the sweets I have brought from the awakening ground.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Micheal, you have leveled up to the Corporal stage, a peak stage at that!" exclaimed my mother as she finally notices my power level.

An utter look of disbelief could be seen in my parent's eyes, their shock seeing my level plausible as ma month ago when I left home, I am at the Peak of Specialist stage but now a month later I am at the Peak of Corporal grade.

Leveling up a whole stage in a single month is very difficult, near impossible through the normal means and my condition was different.

It wasn't abnormal level up for me but breaking the false limit and only after breaking the false limit do I able to level up.

Before leaving town, I have never heard anyone leveling up multiple levels in a single month much less the whole stage.

In the westblood though, if anyone were to hear news of leveling up the age in single, they mostly would be surprised but will not be shocked as they have heard and seen about such things many times.

They know such things happen when one comes special chance one just have to be very lucky to come across these changes

"I was quite lucky to come across some special chances in Space realm," I replied as we walk toward the hovercar.

"These candies are quite tasty, they a

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