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Huge crowd!

I saw a huge crowd when reaching near the square where the exit to be opened in the afternoon, I thought I am quite early but near a million people are still earlier than me.

There are all standing neatly in the hundreds of lines and every second new people kept coming and line.

I quickly look around and walk toward the line which seems shorter.

There are millions of people in hundreds of long lines but they are all neat and not many trouble makers could be seen but they were swiftly get dealt with very ruthless methods that very few dares to make trouble.

Still, with such a Huge crowd, trouble makers could be seen now and then, and the most popular ones are the line cutters.

These line cutters are the worst, they did not line like normal people but cut into line with various excuses, some worst ones didn't even bother to make excuses they just cut the line and that made conflicts occur.

It was a good thing there are thousands of drones hovering above us which help in notifying the guards and record everything, so when guards arrive everything dealt quickly and ruthlessly.

As time passed more and more steps into the lines, just an hour after I step into the line, I found there are more than three thousand people behind me.

At every second thousands of people step into the lines and there are hundreds of such lines.

Still, I am still quite early and should be able to exit through the exit a few hours after it opened, unlike me those people behind the line would take more than half a day to go through the exit.

There are more than ten million people here and to get them all out though exit should take in a day.

To keep the exit of realm open for nearly a day would cost very much to organizations, they will get more than enough from the stuff of people they are going to collect taxes.

This time organizations will make big, not only they will have most people who possess rule but they get the things from millions of Adventurers.

Time passed and soon the exit started to flicker in the center of the big square.

It kept flickering for few secs ones before it got stabilized.

Small chaos had erupted after exiting of realm mamaterialisedIt been a month since people had entered the realm and they started to feel the lithe little psychological burden.

Seeing exit appearing which they had been waiting for a few days, their emotions erupted.

'Bam bam bam bam…..'

As if already expecting something like this to happen after exit appears, the guards started dealing with the chaos swiftly.

Whoever broke a rule even little got swiftly dealt with breaking fewer boundaries the lightest punishment while killing is the highest.

Killing those made chose may seem a little harsh but to control near ten million people such measures are necessary.

"The exit had been open! Everyone please follow the rules and don't disrupt the lines, those who will disrupt lines would get swi

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