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"Hello, I am Elara the AI of Adventurers Paradise." said the women.

So, she is an AI, her phantasm and expression look way too real.

If one looked at her from a distance, he will surely mistake her for the real person, just like I did a few seconds ago.

Jill had said that after I did my Rule power verification someone will meet me and inform me about various topics.

The someone she is referring to is Elara in front of me probably.

AI is not rare, many big shops and training grounds been controlled by AI for better efficiency, it's just that many people prefer to search on their holowatch rather than asking AI, especially in open space where everyone could hear what is asking for.

"Hello, Elara" I greeted her with a smile.

"With Access being at 3 1/2 Star, you are eligible to know about many confidential things, do you want me to state them for you?" asked AI Elara.

I nodded without hesitation, this is the moment I had been waiting for since Jill had told me about those, I hope this AI would be able to satisfy all the curiosity I have.

"The confidential topics you have access to know are Central Continent, Forbidden Grounds, Inheritances, The Grimm Battlefield….." AI Elara stated the whole nine topics.

Of the nine topics, I only knew little about five while on the four are completely unfamiliar to me.

I wouldn't have known about the five topics either if not for me visiting the central continent.

The trip to the Awakening Ground was fulfilling in many ways.

"Which one do you want to know or do you want me to take details information about them one by one?" Asked AI Elara.

"The Grimm Battlefields, I said without waiting, I am curious about other topics as well but my curiosity about the Grimm battlefield is bigger.

AI Elara stood quiet for a second as wanting to build up the effect before she started speaking.

"The Grimm Race it attacked our world more than ten thousand years ago, it is a race of very powerful warrior, if not for our world heavily suppressed the Dark energy they used, we wouldn't be able to put much resistance much less thwart their advance." Said AI Elara.

Ten thousand years, I had never imagined it attacked our world that long ago, it would be said ancient period

"We were barely able to survive extinction in the first war as there were barely 5% of humans left of their original strength"

I couldn't help but shudder when I heard that, that war must have been horrifying Any war that could bring the extinction of race must be cruel beyond belief.

Till now in my mind, the most dangerous thing was the S level monster horde which has the power to destroy cities like the capital where millions of monsters attack but hearing about the war, this S level horde which I find terrifying is just a child's play.

"The Grimm race had entered our world through the rifts, these rifts are very dangerous to those who are not of Grimm race."

"It is very hard to g

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