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"Don't worry about him, he just knew how to bark." said jill, loudly enough that Andy could hear it from the distance.

Andy heard it as his gait stiffened for the moment before walking normally with his friend.

"Micheal, Your Rule is very powerful, which Rule did you comprehend?" asked jill's brother William.

William had been fighting far from jill, so he didn't get a chance to sense my Rule power. He is not the only one interested in knowing my rule, there are other people interested as well.

"Sunfire," I stated I could hear a couple of sharp breath as I mentioned. They all are a creme de la crop of their organizations, all of them are super elites and have comprehended level 2 Rule but they still became shocked knowing I had comprehended Peak Level 2 Rule.

"Rule of Sunfire! no wonder you were able to beat that pompous bastard Andy in a single strike." complemented William as he patted my shoulder jubilantly.

"You're going to Region 1 right?" Jill asked as I prepared to leave, I nodded at her question.

"You can come with us, we are also going to Region 1," Jill said, seeing there is no hard going with them, I nodded.

Not long after we left together for the boundary of the Region 5.

"Why did you guys fight with those from Binding Lotus?" I asked jill, normally organization is republic won't interfere with each other and there is rarely conflict between them.

"Oh, this just the normal spar, yesterday we had sparred with those from Crystal Knights," replied Jill, still seeing little confusion on my face she decided to explain this thing whole.

It turns out ever since they had returned from an Awakening ground week ago, they are daily patrolling the Region 5 for bandits and sometimes they come team from other organizations.

Before going to the Awakening Ground, they have pretty much grasp of each other's abilities but after comprehending Rules, their previous understanding about others strength had completely shattered.

Rule power transcends stages, it can transformant into the elephant as long as one had comprehended the rule.

That is why whenever they came across another team of the organization, they would spar to know the abilities of their opponents.

"Till now we have sparred with four teams and all of them are very strong," added William.

As we journeyed, jill had told me about many things. Normally I would be privy to these things after I reached the Captain stage as even lieutenant stage are not privy to these things but after comprehending the Rule a strong one at that I had become eligible to know these things.

The things Jill had told me completely blew my mind that I was barely able to calm myself from the excitement.

"Micheal, I will call you after we leave this realm, I have something important to discuss with you." said jill as we reached near the boundary.

"Ok," I said as I saw jill and members of her organization entering the boundary.

I have a faint i

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