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I hope today will be the day I would level up, I had thought that yesterday too but unfortunately I failed to level up yesterday.

It was likely because that energy of the Miracle fruit hadn't full to its brim but I hope today will be a day It became full so, that it will initiate the level up.

"Ok, Micheal you can start," said my father, who was not far away from me looking at the various screen.

"Yes, dad," I replied and started performing Body Cleansing Technique.

I am currently in my father's lab and there are some tiny devices had attached to my body to collect the data.

The fifth day after coming to my hometown, I came back to my father's lab again to ask for his advice.

I wanted to know if Berserk Energy from monster cores is damaging my body somehow, I knew from Jim and reading all the books I have brought from Awakening Ground that as long as I have enough special energy of Supreme Combat Exercise to maintain the balance of my body and source.

When my father heard it that I am eating monsters cores to supply me of energy, he had lost control and started shouting at me about how dangerous the berserk energy is, that was the first time in my life I have seen my usually calm father, lost control over his emotions.

He would have not lost control over his emotions such way if it were any other people but when it compares to his family which he fiercely loves, he couldn't help but lost control over his emotions.

He is only able to calm down after I explained to him how unique my Refinement engine is and how Special energy of Supreme Combat Exercise help in stabilizing my body and source.

From that day, I've started to spend a few hours of my in my father's lab as he thoroughly wanted to see and if Berserk Energy is doing any damage to my body or not.

And unexpectedly, my father had developed the uncommon interest in Body Cleansing Technique that for more than a week, I have been performing Body Cleansing Exercise in my father's lab.

I've become a lab rat for him that even my mother teases me by that name now then.

Like always, I didn't feel anything at 1 st pose but at 2 and pose my body started to feel strain in my body as my cells started to saturate.

At the 3 rd pose, the strain had increased many times more which is unlike other exercises that increase the strain little by little.

At 4 th pose the strain had increased even more but I did not have much pressure, through the regular practice of more than two weeks, my mind and body had trained to experience such strain, I will only start to experience real pressure when I started to perform the 8 th pose and above.

I kept performing poses and after poses and at 6 th pose, I saw a large amount of Miracle Fruit energy started to come out from his hidden spot.

First, there were used to be a different type of energy into my body but now there are only two, one that of Energy of Miracle fruit and other is Berserk Energy while al

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