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"How do I enter the Grimm Battlefield," I asked this is a question that I had been wanting to ask for a few days.

"One can enter Grimm battlefield thrice a year and every time you go in, you will have to stay in the battlefield for at least six months before you can go out," she said.

"Normally, organizations send their members to Grimm battlefield through their own channels but seeing you are not affiliated to any organization."

One can only thrice a year and have to stay for at least six, they quite a tough condition but for those Captain stage and above powerhouse, these conditions are nothing.

"What is the earliest date I can enter in the Grimm battlefield?" I asked it's not that I want to enter early as earliest date might be tomorrow or next week.

"it's 12 February," said AI Elara.

12 February, that's about three months later.

I really have enough time to enter the Grimm battlefield if I want to enter the Grimm battlefield.

After that, I again asked it many questions I had about Grimm Battlefield which I had access to.

Only my question related to basic details of Grimm battlefield were answered as for the complicated ones, she had directly denied access to.

After that, I asked her about the other eight topics which she had mentioned earlier when I heard about them, I couldn't help but shocked to my core.

They are all mystical and enthralling but also equally dangerous, especially the forbidden grounds, they are basically death grounds.

From what I heard Elara, if I ever come across any forbidden land in my life then I should run far as I could from it, otherwise, I would die without knowing myself.

I spent nearly three hours in a small room and when I got out of it, my mind was elsewhere. The things I got to know today have completely changed how I perceived the world around me.

Getting out of Adventurers Tower building, I went directly to my apartment as I didn't have anything for the whole day.

When I entered my apartment, I laid on my bed and started to think about things I've learned from the Elara.

It was very bad that I didn't get any document about the whole topic which I could read again, seeing how my access is low.

If I had 4 Star access, I would have been able to know the information in a little more detail, not superficial like now.

Still, superficial it may be but it helped me a lot, now I can see my future path more easily and know what I have to do next.

First I was still thinking about if I go to the Grimm Battlefield or not as it is a very dangerous place and many people die there but after hearing all that Elara had told me, I finally made up my mind to go the Grimm Battlefield.

It will be very very dangerous but If I was able to survive then I will progress very fast than I could stay here in Westblood city.

With Rule power I had, I could easily fight Captain stage monsters and just to fight them and if I need bigger challenge than that,

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