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I woke up quite late the next morning as I had quite safe after sorting out all the stuff.

I feel quite good though, I had gained more stuff than I had imagined and this is not the end as I will come across more till the fifth Region.

After taking a shower, I started to cook lunch but today's lunch is quite special as except for meat it is wholly made by materials from the central continent.

I had gained more than enough food-related stuff, if I use it quite frugally It can last me a year.

As I am about to start making food, I pleasant thought came into my mind and I decided to make today's meal a four-course.

It will take me just a little effort and time which today I am willing to give, Ashlyn was quite angry at first seeing it is taking time to make but when she saw that the food going to be amazing, she became quite but not before demanding the snack from the stuff I got yesterday.

It took me two hours to make the food but It was worth it as I wasn't able to stop myself from eating after taking the first bite.

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I said as I rubbed my tummy, I had really eaten a lot more than I can digest. Now, I can understand why Ashlyn laid on her stomach every time she ate.

It took me half an hour to stand up and start preparing to leave as I felt quite heavy after eating.

I wore all the artifact I had selected yesterday including the white sneaker shoes which I brought in the Awakening grade.

The reason I have not changed my shoe type totem artifact because it is already the lowest grade, so, there is no need to change it.

After packing everything, I took the high jump and started running on the sky, as for the rain that is falling, I simply covered myself with a faint layer of silver fire, so the rain would turn into steam before it could touch my body.

I had encountered the first bandit team after half an hour leaving the camp, there were six people and all of them were emitting killing intent toward me but it was faint.

They likely wanted to break some of my bones before robbing me whole, they are going to injure me but not kill me and I did the same with them.

After hearing their bandits speed which every bandit group has and enduring some of their attacks, I simply launch a firebolt with the power of Sunfire.

Two of the six bandits had the power of Rule but they were not able to counter against my fire bolts, I left them injured after looking at them.

As my journey progressed, the more bandits I have come across, it feels like every region strength of bandits and their numbers kept increasing, and I kept finding more and more bandits who have the power of Rule.

But all the bandits I've come across have Level 3 Rule power, I have not come across anyone who has 2 nd level Rules.

I wanted to fight with those who have Level 2 rules, I wanted to see how my R

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