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I am quite surprised to see them being dead at the single strike, I thought they would last at least two or three moves of mine.

I gently landed on the ground and walk toward the monster bodies, to take out their cores.

I cut the heart of the monsters take out their monsters core and also some of the important parts to selling them at Westblood.

As for Ashlyn, she is enjoying the papaya like fruit which she shot through the monster's mouth like a comet.

Looking at the fruit which is getting smaller and smaller by every second, I couldn't help but hope that the fruit which is Ashlyn eating is a Miracle Fruit.

But I know that chances of it being happening are really low but I wish that fruit is Miracle Fruit.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

It happened many times that Ashlyn smelled something tasty and couldn't able to control herself.


Ashlyn quickly finished eating the fruit and gave enthusiastic chirp as she came toward me flying and soon entered inside me.

As she entered inside me, I felt some strange energy is entering my body with swift speed, this energy is very strange sometimes it feels cold, sometimes it felt hot.

It kept feeling my body and I had no control over it, the reason I am not feeling worried because Ashlyn had opened her mind to relay that this energy is relatively harmless and I should let it fill my body without restricting it.

That is the reason I am letting it run over my body, otherwise, I would not have been letting it fill my body without much fear.

The hot and cold energy kept feeling my body and soon it will reach the limit but nothing had happened and that started to worry me.

I don't want to be like an inflated balloon which would explode after it reaches its limit.

I started to sweat as the energy filled me with brim and I felt I like if this energy keeps filling my body a few seconds, I would surely explode.

As I was about to do something about it, I felt like a spark lit from Ashlyn and next moment, I felt like I am leveling up.

That is clearly shocked me, with that strange energy in my body, I knew that the fruit that Ashlyn had eaten is Miracle fruit but I did not think this Miracle fruit of leveling up as many types of them exist.

Ashlyn had eaten the Miracle fruit that helped her leveled up before and feeling it gave is completely different than I am getting now.

I thought this fruit would be some other Miracle Fruit which will provide aid to her strength in some other way.

The strange energy that filled me with brim had started sucking in my body, It was a good thing I had monsters core in my body.

I had kept converting Berserk energy to normal energy to provide for all the mana It needed for me to level up. I kept providing it mana as much as it needs but at one point, I couldn't help but feel surprised.

It is taking way more mana that it

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