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I am finally home and about to take a deep breath to feel the familiar smell of home, I was pushed by a person from behind.

I shook my head in smile seeing that, there are thousands of people are coming out of the exit and if I stopped even for a second, I would get trampled by them.

Walking ahead I saw big opened space in front of me enough to hold more than a million people which it now holds.

The whole space is barricaded and there are thousands of checking posts are connected to these barricades.

If one wants to go outside then one will have to go through that checking point and to go through that checking point one has to pay taxes.

From what is projected in those big screens, those who entered the first badge had to give 25% of the stuff they got in the herbs.

Be it herbs, monsters material or artifacts they all have to give 25% percent of the things they have obtained from the Minerva realm.

These are the Adventurers who entered the realm with me with paid tickets, they had already known they will have to pay 25% of the things they got.

The thing that surprised me is the amount they are taking from people who enter after us after the news of Awakening Ground broke.

These people have entered the realm for free but after exiting it, they had to give away half of their stuff as tax.

I thought organizations would ask for 30%, maximum 40% of the stuff but they are asking for a whopping 50%, this is akin to looking.

But no one complaining much as those who are handling collection is very strong powerhouses way above they can handle.

I was also quite shocked when I first sensed the power of these people, these people all are Captain stage or above.

These powerhouses are not in tens but more than thousands in numbers, they are standing at each collection point and not only that, there is fearful aura lingering in the background which makes people want to kneel subconsciously.

I linger in the open ground for a moment before walking toward the collection point.


As I reached the collection point, I scan my holowatch to censor and directly walk past without stopping to pay taxes and powerhouse at collection point also did not stop me either.

Except for members of Top organizations, everyone had to give up a certain percentage of their things but I am different.

My Minerva real ticket was the price I got from the Westblood city competition, It is a Super level ticket, those who have it are exempt from paying any taxes.

Otherwise, I would have had to give a shitload of stuff to organizations.

Walking out of barricade, I walked toward the hovercar.

A few minutes later, I am in the hovercar which is taking me to the westblood city, hundreds of such hover cars could be seen in the sky around me.

'Ting Ting Ting Ting…..'

As I reached near westblood cities, the notifications started to ring out in my holowatch.

Most of the emails are from my parents aski

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