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The trade fair is quite Big, its size is even bigger than that of hometown but it still smaller than that of one in the Awakening ground.

Many people have erected their stalls, selling the stuff they have. Most of the stuff they are selling here is brought from the Awakening Ground.

The prices are quite high compacomparedhe Awakening Ground but it is still a little low that of Westblood.

When this stuff will enter markets of Republic, their prices will soar, especially of things that aren't found in the Republic.

As I browse the trade fair, I found many interesting things and traded them with the stuff I have.

This time when I returned home, I won't want to woo sorry about not bringing good enough gift for my parents.

I had traded for many things in the fair, these things will be very helpful in my future practice.

I kept roaming the fair, trading for the things I like and for the first time in my life I didn't have to worry about the money.

Now, I have enough things stored in my storages that I can buy whatever I want, not only me Ashlyn also asking me now and they buy stuff for her.

Time passed by as I kept roaming the fair, it was at night when I called off my shopping as I have more than enough time in the next three days to shop all I want.

After coming back to my tent, I showered and started to cook. Today I have brought food foodstuff with a fully functioning kitchen, cooking had become easier.

Now with this normal kitchen, I can cook my heart out without feeling obstructed by the space.

It took me an hour to cook dinner for us and we ate our dinner at small the dining table that came with the kitchen.

After finishing dinner, I cleaned the plates and walked out of kitchen en while Ashlyntill laid on the table with her eyes closed.

Walking into the empty room, I stood in its center.

After practicing body cleansing technique last time, I had decided to practice it next time in the safety of my own home as it left one quite vulnerable after performing it.

Last time when I performed it, I had become so weak that I want won't move my body for half an hour and only after half an hour did I move my body so weakly.

It left one weak to the core and this weakness only goes away after taking a few hours of sleep.

So, the best option to perform this exercise is the safety of one's home but I am performing this technique now because I am feeling safe enough here.

The reason for my confidence in my new tent that not even Lieutenant stage evolver would able to make scratch if I use my full power including Rule power, I don't think I would be able to damage it.

Another reason is that the whole region is protected by the members of the organ organizations no one dares to trouble without a valid reason.

Calming my mind, I started performing the first pose of Body Cleansing Technique.

Like last time, I didn't feel anything while performing the first pose but when I star

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