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The Region 8 is a region full of the hills, wherever one looks he will find himself surrounded by small and big hills.

Currently, I am running on the big hill crossing it to reach the other side, In my way, I've come across many Corporal stage monsters but all of them were killed by the single swing of my sword.

Till now, I haven't come across any Sergeant stage and above stage monsters but I know my luck isn't that good, I will meet them at some point.

It would be fine if the monster is Sergeant stage or Master stage, one I can kill and from another one I can run but if I come across the Lieutenant stage monster then even running away is going to be difficult.

On top of that monsters, Region 8 stronger than Monsters of Region 7 by few percents due to the density of mana, the higher realm you go, the denser mana you will experience.

It is mana density that makes monsters stronger, not only a monster but humans would also become stronger if they started to live in the mana density places.

It is said that the density of the central continent is very high that even average adventurers their ability to reach the top of twelve stages and some even go realm after that.

If average adventures there could reach the top of twelve basic stages then I can't imagine how high talented people can go.

I used to think that all the rumors are fake but Jim said most of I heard in the rumor is true as his parents once been to the central continent a few years ago.

He said that not everyone could go to the central continent if one wants to go their one have to cross the sea and the sea is full of monsters that even those who reach the top stage of twelve basic stages can't contend against.

If one wants to leave for the central continent, then they need the help of the organizations as only organizations have the safe way to reach the central continent.


A sudden growl helps me out of my thinking and I swung my sword instinctive, cutting the Corporal level monster in two.

That was close! I thought with a sigh, I was too engrossed in my daydream about the central continent that I got distracted and failed to notice that the monster had come attacking me.

If it had been Master stage monster in its place I would have been in great trouble, I had to be extra vigilant from now on and stop my daydream.

Hearing about the rumors of the central continent, some sort of fascination had developed in my mind toward it, so, whenever I think about it, I got lost in its fantasies.

Till now what I heard, had heard the rumors but soon I can whey true or not.

Jim had said that there are thousands of people from the awakening ground from the central continent, I can definitely ask them if the rumors are true or not.

Fire Strike! "Thud!"

An hour after I left my tent, I come across the first Sergeant stage monster and after I kept coming across them every now and then, that I had just killed peak

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