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Note: Two chapters in One.

When I came back, I found myself back in the eighth circle, standing in the same position as before I entered the 8th circle.

I close my eyes and calmly observe the Rule I've comprehended and to my surprise, My Killing Rule is really close to reaching Low level of the Basic stage.

If I enter one more memory again then there will be a 100% chance that I could comprehend Rule to the low-level basic stage.

Sigh… It will be very difficult, I can feel the power of Totem Artifact dimmed a little.

It seemed what I heard is true, it is said memories guzzle soul power of Totem Artifact more that Rule power ever could.

There is barely enough soul power is left in the Totem Artifact and now with me seeing memory from it, it guzzled even more soul power from it.

These things are not within my control! I thought and sat down, it would be very good for me if I am able to see another memory even if it cost whatever soul power left in Totem Artifact.

There is only a 50% chance of me my Rule comprehension reaching a low level of the Basic stage if I comprehend with normal procedure.

Seeing there is no Stable Killing Rule, I started to observe the Mad killing Rule carefully as I know it could potentially warp my mind.

But this mad killing Rule is not all bad as it helped me understand my own Killing Rule.

It is from Mad killing Rule I got the final understanding that completed my Killing Rule.

The Killing Rule I've comprehended not only have stability but it also has slight madness in it which in my understanding made it whole.

To me, pure stable killing Rule is not as good as It did not have that Spontaneity that Mad killing Rule has, with adding a little madness instability, the lethality of this Rule had reached a completely new heights, I can tell with 100% surety that power of my killing Rule will definitely surpass both.

I keep observing Mad killing Rule carefully and comprehension kept getting closer and closer to the Low level but this speed comprehension is slow compared to when I was in memory.

I wanted to experience the Memory again but It's not within my control, I was quite lucky to have experienced the memory before.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


Two days are over, I thought as I sensed the vibration through the Runic Circle.

I have only day's time remaining in this Rule Palace before my time is over I had to take my Rule comprehension to the Low level of the Basic stage.

As I kept comprehending through the Mad Killing Rule, the assault I am feeling through it started to lessen as my comprehension grew higher.

There is only one circle has remained which is the 9th circle, it is a central circle which packed with most dense runes and it is where the Rule of Object White Axe is placed.

I shudder whenever I looked at the faint bloody lines that come of

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