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When I woke up, It has already been an evening. I had slept for a whole day and I stiffening a little tired.

That Rule imprinting took a lot out of me but I am not disappointed as I am more than happy to get another Rule and this Rule's comprehension is way above mine.

The Rule of Killing I am comprehended is at Low level of the Basic stage, I will need a lot of comprehensions to advance it to the Mid-stage but Ashlyn's Rule of Sunfire is already halfway into Mid-level.

The advancing every level of is ten times more difficult than the previous and advancing a stage is even more difficult.

I sat cross-legged on the bed and close my eyes to enter my source, this time I entered inside my source space at first chance.

Inside my source is big fireball like Sun and revolving around it is blood red Ribbon and yellow and silver fire feather plum.

It looked nearly the same as Ashlyn's but if one looked carefully then one will see the slight differences between them.

The first is yellow fire on feather plum is a little darker than that of Ashlyn and feather plum is also slightly pointier than the Ashlyn's.

I look at it for quite a while, I withdraw my consciousness after I checked every point of my source space.

I am still quite tired due mornings Rule imprinting cordial and wanted to sleep again.

Rule Imprinting must have taken some of my soul energy as well as mind power, that is why I'm feeling this sleepy.

Soul of those at Knight stage (12 Basic Stages) are quite fragile, a little strain on it could make irreversible damage.

Though Rule Imprinting took just a minute amount of my soul energy it still made me quite tired that I just wanted to sleep.

Ashlyn, on the other hand, looked normal, it looks like Rule imprinting had made no effect on her. Like me, her soul energy also used but for some reason, it did not affect her.

I shook my head and remove those thoughts from my head, I have already known that this little birdy is little different from her other monsters, be it her intelligence or comprehension is way higher than other monster's, not to forget her ability to smell the treasures like Miracle fruit and mystic medicine.

If I were to think about that then I will make my head hurt uselessly as I didn't have any answers. The best choice is to leave it be, I will know it when the time is right.

I heated the leftover of the morning and ate with Ashlyn.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Chew chew chew!"

Ashlyn chirped as I am about to prepare for sleep, she wanted me to open a tent for her so she could fly outside.

"Ok!" I said and opened the tent a form which could easily get out and get in.

If it was four days ago, I would have said No, despite knowing that it is quite safe outside for both monsters and humans as this realm is devoid of any monsters, only monsters present in this realm that a

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