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Iron Spiked Hedgehog mostly attack with long-range attacks but believing it can't attack close range would be utter idiocy that can make one lose his life.

It is one of the smallest Master stage monsters I've ever seen in the Minerva realm but that is only compared to other Master stage monsters as this monster is still six meters long.

After every attack new iron spikes produce on its skin and whenever it sensed danger it would roll into a ball and that time its defense would increase three times.

"Clank clank clank….."

Another shower of iron spikes came at me and clashed against my shield, this time I was much prepared and defended against the iron spiked without taking a step back.

If I had experienced this attack before berserk energy merged into my body, I would have had to take at least three steps back but now despite the intense shock of traveled in the body, I stood still without moving a step.

My shield is expanded to full size and taking a lot of mana from me, seeing that I am not worried as currently, mana is the thing I most have.

"Squeal Squeal!"

It squealed angrily seeing its both of its attack failed and moved its spiked to attack me the third time.

I stood still on my place seeing that and did not move my shield, Iron spiked Hedgehog can attack three times consciously as new spiked start forming after its attack but after attacking three times consecutively, the speed of forming spiked slowed considerably.

That will be my time to attack, not only will I be able to attack without worrying about the iron spikes coming at me but after I attack and it was able to roll into a ball in time, its defense will be not as strong as its peak half the defense is due to those iron spikes on its skin.

"Clank clank clank…."

It launched and its spiked attack again but this time it did something different, not only it attacked me with its spikes, but it also came at me with its claws out.

The Master stage monsters are quite smart, this monster front of me knew that after it attacked the third time, it will quite defenseless if its spiked didn't hit me, so, it attacked me proactively.

Even if it's Iron spiked attack failed, it can attack me with its clause and that is more dangerous than its spikes but unfortunately, it judged me wrong.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Despite its good speed, it won't be able to come near me before I finished my attacks.

Fire strike! Fire Strike! Fire strike!

I launched three special bolts of fire strike before it had crossed the half distance.

Seeing three fire bolts coming toward it, it knew they were like threatening and rolled into the ball without thinking.

"Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!"

Three special bolts of fire strike pierced through the iron armor of the monster without getting any obstructions.

The only disappointing thing is that when it rolled onto the ball, the ta

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