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I look at him dumbly as he ran away, I thought his lust for Totem artifact was too great that he will fight till last but who would have thought that he still has some intelligence hidden behind that greed.

He must have thought it would be impossible for him to take this totem artifact from me and he might even lose his like in next attack despite having a defense of Mid-level shield.

Sigh. I would have been able to kill him even if he was running away but I was too surprised to see him running away that I forgot to attack.

There is no use mulling over a mistake, I thought then suddenly came to mind that two gazes I was feeling on me had also disappeared.

They finally left! I thought the other two would also launch an attack in a bid for the sword but look like they lost a will seeing how mid-level Master stage tucked his tail and ran away after taking an attack from me.

Piercing through Mid-level knight grade shield is a really big thing especially as it is wielded by the Master stage evolver.

Seeing nobody is following me, I resumed running while still being vigilant as there are many people who are expert in hiding their presence, I didn't want to let my guard down and get killed.

The boy in black was really powerful, despite having a difference of two stages, he had beaten his opponent before he could even take a step. The most amazing thing I found about him is his control over his weapons.

He had carved tens of lines of blood across his opponent before he could even react and those lines on blood were not threatening as Martin seemed fine except for being utterly shocked being defeated in a single move.

To be able to have such control over his blades to carve such non-threatening like before opponent could react, he must have worked very hard.

Compared to his weapon mastery, mine looked like a boy who just swings a sword without technique or skill.

Hearing their conversation, I understood one that the boys who were wearing aqua blue suits are from the very powerful organization and Martin's organization is a subsidiary of that organization called Wisdom Tower.

After an hour of running, I deactivate my knight grade defense type skill, having three skills activated continuously for an hour is very stressful even if I have unlimited mana, the mental energy needs to maintain three skills is row is immense.

I would last for another hour if not for me, controlling the Monster core and its berserk energy in my body which I had to constantly keep covered that monster core with my mental energy as It would not melt quickly if I did not do that then I will have more berserk energy that I need, making havoc in my body.

When I entered the Region 9, I had my strengthening and defense type activated, so is my knight grade mask that made my face difficult to see, especially those who are far away from me, that is also one of the reasons that I didn't follow my attacker earlier.

Even if they spr

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