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When I woke up, I found I had slept for thirteen hours, the first thing I did was to look at footage from cameras I placed outside.

"As expected."

There were six cameras I placed on a different location around the camp, of the six footages only one is normal while on the other five, there is some kind of movement is going on.

On the two cameras, monsters could be seen fleeing while on the other two monsters could be seen fighting.

The most interesting is the last footage, on which I can see as monsters are grouping together, they are on the way to form a horde.

It is as Ihad expected, there will be more fights as time passed on and bigger hordes would also be formed by monsters to tackle against foreign monsters that are encroaching on their territory.

After seeing what is happening now, I started to watch recorded footage of the last thirteen hours in a fast forward manner.

Nothing is out of my expectation, I thought to see the footage.

Now I just have to sit tight and wait for waves of people that came.

They will start arriving in Region 8 late today, tomorrow I will see the waves of evolvers and the bloodbath they will make.

After checking up everything is fine, I freshened up and take bath only to see Ashlyn is still sleeping.

She will wake up automatically when she smelled the smell of the food.

I did not cook lunch as we have much leftover left from yesterday, I just hated the leftovers.

In the storage, the food really lasts long, four to five times compared to outside.

"Chew chew!"

I heard Ashlyn chirp when I was just about to finish the heating the food, I knew she would wake up after smelling the food and she did.

After finishing dinner, I watch the footage for some time before taking out books from my storage.

I am not going to leave my tent for two days at least and what better way to spend the time than reading the book.

Although this is all I am not going to that but reading a book is the best choice after eating lunch.

This is Totem Blueprint books I had bound in my knight grade storage, I had only read for a few hours and did not able to finish it.

Now, that I have time, I decided to go over it, I may not understand it fully but I will sure get basic of it.

As I started to read the book, I saw that the author not only explains the construction of runes clearly, he also explains what materials suit which runes.

The author explains the whole Totem making process step by step that even an idiot can make a totem after following the simple process written by the author.

Every book represents different Totem Blueprint and If I am able to reach the Lieutenant stage someday then I am definitely going to choose the Totem Blueprint from these 103 books to make my totem.

When I am thinking about Totem Blueprint, my mind wandered to the Totem. In this my few days in the Minerva realm, I had already collected half the money which I will need for Bu

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