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I finally able to stand up without falling, I had been walking in this immense pressure for the hours and now it is suddenly gone, anyone would need a few minutes to adjust.

The first thing I did after getting up is to admire the majestic palace, Its name is Rule Palace, a quite fitting name as only going inside it would one able to comprehend the Rule power.

After admiring the Rule Palace for a few hours, I look around and except for seeing people in Aqua Blue patrolling now and then I did not see anything.

It is very hard to climb the mountain and only one or two people successfully climb it every ten to fifteen minutes.

After admiring the Rule Palace for a few minutes, I started to walk not toward the mountain but the tens of small beautiful houses that build in the corner.

I am currently in no condition to pass the test, I am tired both mentally and physically. Only after showering, sleeping and eating would I able to comprehend the Rules.

Those little houses are built for the purpose to provide the test for those who had passed the test, only when one at one's optimal condition would he be able to comprehend the Rule to his highest.

When I opened the door of the small house, I found it had a simple design nothing fancy but it is enough for me.

The first thing I did was to find the shower, I first bath Ashlyn as she had become quite sweaty, only after bathing her did I took the bath myself.

I came out of the bathroom only to find Ashlyn is sleeping comfortably on the bed. I smiled seeing that, she is more tired that thought.

I dried myself and laid on the bed to sleep, second later I fell asleep only to find it is dark outside.

When I looked at my holowatch, I found that I had slept for seven hours.

I feel quite refreshed after waking up, not only I felt clear in my mind, I also felt immense strength in my body.

Ashlyn is still sleeping, she will wake up soon, I thought and take out leftover food from the morning and started to heat it.

"Chew chew!"

As I am heating the food, I heard Ashlyn chirp only to see she standing on the bed with her two tiny legs.

I served the food into the plates and started to eat with Ashlyn, five minutes later we were finished.

I get out of the small house with Ashlyn and walk toward the Rule Palace with my heart beating heard, I have to think about this moment ever since I've heard about it from Jim and now I am very close to it.

I walked toward the huge gate of the palace and with a slight push, the gate opened and walk inside.

The inside is completely different from its outside majestic appearance.

Inside of it is completely circular and there are 237 doors could be seen, there are no physical door but water layer that act as a door.

Beside each door is a unique sigil which presented the what type rule one can comprehend after going inside it.

There is also information about t

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