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"Lily, why do you have to kill this poor defenseless monster?" Another voice rang and out and next moment I saw an extremely beautiful girl appeared next to a cute girl.

She appeared so suddenly that I felt like she had been teleported.

This girl is extremely beautiful and looks about my age, she is wearing a knee-length sundress, there is not the article armor or weapon, just elegant sundress.

It looked like she not in some dangerous Region but in the park for a picnic, even though the younger girl also did not have a single artifact on her except for lance but she looks look fine as she dressed in a black suit.

I tried to sense the level of the beautiful girl but there was not a single magical fluctuation coming out of her body.

"Sister, you saw that I just wanted it to be my ride but it tried to eat me, so I got angry and had to kill it." said the fifteen-year girl cutely.

"Don't act cute! you had your fun and you had to do the job that grandpa told you to do." said beautiful girl in a sundress sternly.

"Why do I have to do the job of normal members!" Complained fifteen-year girl and look like she will sit right on the floor.

"Do you want me to tell that to grandpa." Said the beautiful older girl with a serious face but the smile could be seen hidden behind it.

"Don't tell grandpa." saithe younger girl hastily.

"Let's go!" said the beautiful girl but before leaving two of them gave us a glance before suddenly disappearing out of our sight.

For more than a minute, no one spoke but finally, silence is broken by Kieran's stuttering voice,

"is...is this not dream right?" Kieran asked stutteringly, both I and Jenna shook our heard, this is no dream but reality.

"That younger girl is a demon," said Jenna and I couldn't agree more, that young girl is just at specialist at the age but she was able to kill the lieutenant stage monster effortlessly.

I could still remember the terror in the eyes of that monster as it crashed in front of us.

We could clearly see the injuries on monsters body and each and every one of its injuries was serious.

I have never heard of any Specialist stage who could kill Lieutenant stage and the way that killed this monster don't think that even used half of her strength.

She is not from the westblood city and definitely not from the country we live in, hell even our continent have no ability and resources to train such monster.

The only place she could be from is the central continent.

I quickly come out my thought and walk toward the dead Lieutenant stage monsters body, it may be dead but it is radiating the might of the Lieutenant stage monster.

Caressing my hand on its wound, I found they are exceptionally smooth, smoother than a hot knife through butter.

One can guess a lot from the wound, just seeing how smooth the wound is and how easily it able to cut the very defensive skin of the lieutenant stage monster.

I close my eyes and use

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