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With my strengthening skill activated, I moved my scarlet sword toward the heart of the monster to take out its core but before that, I will have to cut the hard defensive skin of the Ice Venom Scorpion.

I started to feed the mana to the sword but to my utter surprise, no matter how much mana I fed, it never reached its limit.

Normally knight grade artifact reach their limit after you feed it enough mana but this sword kept guzzling mana, It seemed like it had an insatiable hunger for mana.

The only indication the sword showing that it is guzzling the mana that it is faintly glowing.

The more mana I feed, the brighter it glows. The glow is not bright but very faint, one can see its glow gets brighter as I kept feeling it more mana.

Seeing slow speed its brightness increasing, I think I will have to continuously feed it the mana for more than a day before I could make it glow brighter.

Well, it's a good thing for me, if I ever accidentally ate the core which I can't handle then I can speedily convert the berserk energy to mana and feed it to the sword.

I knew that Totem artifact takes a lot of mana to power up but did not expect they need this much amount of mana.

After continuously feeling it mana for five minutes I stop and look at the sword excitedly, it is glowing very faintly but I can feel its power had increased many times.


When I moved my sword to cut the defensive skin of Ice Venom Scorpion, I was shocked to find that the sword went after initially feeling a slight obstruction and surprising thing is I didn't apply much force on it as I should, to cut the peak Master stage monsters defensive skin.

'This totem artifact stronger than I thought!' I said as I effortlessly took out its monster core from its heart.

I resumed my journey after I collected its venom from its stinger, the venom of monsters are expensive and many times more expensive, especially special venoms like this Ice Venom Scorpion.

The rest of the journey was pretty much uneventful as the closer I got toward the entrance, the more people I came across.

When I reached near the boundary of Awakening ground, I found thousands and thousands of people who are coming from every direction of the Region 9 entering the spatial boundary.

Aspirations and dreams could be clearly seen in their eyes as they crossed the boundary, my heart also started to thumb loudly looking at the boundary.

After crossing this boundary, I will come across the once in a lifetime opportunity, an opportunity like this rarely come across our continent.

Like the thousands of people, I came in front of the Spatial boundary of the Awakening ground and took a step inside it.


What I saw me take a gasp directly, there is a sea of tents in front of me, thousands and thousands of tents could be seen, there must be over a hundred thousand tents in here but that is not what made me gasp.

What made me gasp Mountain far away

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