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Ashlyn will come out soon, I thought as I looked at the Sunfire sigil. She and I entered the hall with just a few minutes difference, so she should come out in a minute or two.

It's been a little more than ten minutes since I've come out but till now, I have only seen four new people enter the Rule Place while only one came out of hall comprehending the Rule.

The test is very tough that even Super Elites have slight chance to succeed much less other people.

I hope all my friends were able to enter the Rule Palace to comprehend the Rule.

After seeing the memories I have learned many things and I know how important the Rule power is.

I have already seen Kevin which I had not expected to see, I hope that Ellen also had received the news and her organization had also sent her here.

As for Jill and her brother, I am sure they would have received the news, they had entered the Minerva realm at the same time as me.

"Chew chew!"

I was busy in my thoughts when I heard familiar chirp only to see Ashlyn flying toward me with crystal Card in her beak.

She threw the card in my palm and landed on my shoulder with familiar ease.

"Did you comprehend the Rule Ashlyn?" I asked as I lovingly massaged her feathers.

Right after I asked this question I felt sundering fire spreading in my body.

I felt like this Fire is so powerful that it could reduce me into nothingness, leaving nothing behind.

The sundering sensation went away as it came but it made me sense what level it is at.

"Good Girl!"

I said ecstatically as I massage her feathers more lovingly.

I am very happy right now, as I could feel that Ashlyn's Rule comprehension is way above mine, it is quite close to reaching Mid-level of the Basic stage.

Suddenly a thought came into my mind and just as it came, I wasn't able to control my mind for quite a while.

"Let's go, you must be feeling quite a hungry right!" I said to Ashlyn and walk out of Rule Palace.

This time, I did not walk toward the small houses instead decided to walk down the mountain.

I could stay in a small house but I have checked out of it within three days, so, It would be better if I went directly back to my tent.

It would take me a little more than an hour to reach my tent.

There is no pressure while descending the mountain while descending I look around if I could see anyone familiar.

I am now having a huge urge to show off and I could only show off in front of those who are familiar with me but my luck was bad that I didn't see anyone.

It took me a little more than half an hour to descend from the mountain when I was climbing the mountain four days ago, It took me more than half a day and I was barely able to do that.

In half an hour I reached my tent from the base of the mountain, after entering my tent first thing I did was to head to the bathroom as I was controlling my bodily functions for three days.

I started to feel quite stuffed be

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