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One thing everyone wishes they could get after comprehending the Rule are memories, some people put more importance in memories than the Rule but it is very hard to get access to the memories.

I can't believe I am in the memory of the Totem artifacts owner, this once in a lifetime opportunity very few get and it even more important to me seeing I am not from the central continent

It is said that to access memories one needs a very high level of comprehension, only those with high comprehension would able to access hidden memories in totem artifact.

It is said in the totem artifact's contain part of the soul of the user and in this part of the soul is stored owner's Rule comprehension and memories.

The memory I am currently in seems come type of competition Competition which looks very grand, westblood city competition could not compare to it.

In this memory, I am just host. I can see and feel everything that is happening around me but can't change anything since it is a memory.

I am very happy and excited though, as I can feel every breath and twitch of muscle from the owner body.

The reason I am excited is an incoming battle, I am excited to see how this owner of memories fought and seeing how I can see feel the smallest movement from the body, I hope owner use lots of skills in the battle.

Normally it would have been quite difficult to get Skill from the single look but here it is possible as I will feel how the circulation skill happening in the owner's body like mine and I just have to remember those circulations.

This process will cut short from days of studying and experimenting to mare a few minutes if I am able to remember the circulations which I am confident with my good memory.

Micheal didn't know yet but he was going to swallow the pill of bitter disappointment for all his fantasies in just a few seconds.

The owner reaches the centre of the arena and stood in in in in in front of his opponent. His opponent handsome tall boy in late teens compared to the owner who had average looks with the bulky physique.

"Leon, I hope you don't disappoint me!" said his opponent arrogantly, as beautiful Long Bow materialized in his hands.

"You will not be disappointed." said the owner and I felt some weird energy coming out of the owner's body which felt completely foreign to me.

This foreign energy turned out of being owners Totem artifact, the pale white ax which bore many similarities the while I've been comprehending from,

Seeing both of them have summoned their artifact's excitement inside me reached the peak.


The battle started and in the next three-second all my expectations of nabbing high-level skills in drowned in a sea of misery.

The fight is too fast, all I can see is a blur, they are so fast that my eyes can't seem to track their movement, not only that the circulation of skills which I've been wholly counting on is too fast for me to see and

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