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I did not feel anything as I climbed on the first step of the mountain, It just felt like stepping on the normal step.

"Do you guys felt anything?" they shook their head saying no but looking around I saw that very few people seemed surprised like us while other treating it like normal.

I started climbing the steps with billy and Nigel, first few steps I did not feel anything but after I took the seventh step, I started to feel the pressure.

It was very light like a feather, one would not notice it if one didn't look for it.

It is both mental and physical in nature and it kept increasing little by little as I step higher.

This pressure felt nothing now but if this kept increasing at this speed then I can imagine how difficult it became after taking a few hundred steps.

"Have you decided which Rule power you are going to go for?" Billy asked as his eyes full of dreams probably imagining the Rule he is going to comprehend.

I shook my head at his question.

"There are too many choices that I can't decide," I replied b, fore adding.

"But to enter the palace we have to climb the mountain first," I said while looking at the steps.

I will have to think about climbing the mountain first before I could think about what Rule power I should comprehend.

When I was reading about Rule power yesterday, I thought about which Rule power I should comprehend if I was able to climb the mountain.

There are 237 Rule objects in the palace which represent 237 different Rule powers, some are easier to comprehend while others are hard.

The Rules are mainly divided into three types, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 according to the power of the Rule but this categorization is not obsolete.

Level 3 is weakest while Level 1 is the highest Rule. The basic elements Water, Fire, Earth, and Air are included in Level three Rules but their powerful variants and fusions like Rule Sea which variant of the water element and Thunder which is a fusion of Fire and air included in Level 2 rules.

Normally all the Rules related Weapon are in included Level 2 Rules, another concept, and physical type Rules like cutting, hacking, speed, strength, illusion, Mirage all included in the level 2 Rules.

Some variation and Fusion of Rules have the capability to reach near Level 3 Rules but very could comprehend some rules.

Level 3 Rules, these Rules are crazy powerful, The Rules of Celestial bodies like The World, The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, etc, the Rule which derived from Time and Space like Withering and Teleporting, there are also Rules which are derived from Life and Death.

Level 3 Rules are very very hard to comprehend and barely anyone in the Supreme continent were able to comprehend them.

The book said that Level 3 Rules are on a completely different level than the other two categories, they are so powerful that whoever comprehended them can absolutely crush anyone within the same level even his opponent comprehended

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