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The only thing which remains to buy now is books, I want to buy books on tens of topics such as Runes, Totem Artifact, Rules, and other subjects.

I even want to buy some books for my father, he hadn't been able to do his research properly as did not have high-level information as a reference.

I just hope they didn't put up restrictions on some information, in republic some information has restrictions, one can only access such information after he reaches a certain level.

As I kept buying books, I became very happy to see that there are no restrictions on whatever types of books I buy and all these books are trustworthy since all of them sold by the Wisdom Tower.

It took me hours to buy all the books I needed despite having already made list, It was quite late at night and I am feeling quite hungry.

It was a good thing that Ashlyn's was quite full due to eating tens of snacks the whole day that let me shop in peace otherwise I first would have had to feed her before continuing shopping.

Nearly all the money I got from selling my stuff spent shopping in these few hours, leaving me with just 1075 wisdom credits which I plan to spend on gifts for my family but not today.

It's already becoming late, I had been in the fair since morning and now I just want to eat and sleep.

Having no mood to cook, I've decided to eat outside for which Ashlyn became way too happy.

My cooking is good but there are many professionals here who are much better than me.

On top of that, they have brought ingredients and meat from the central continent which is tens or even a hundred times better than what we have at back home.

"Chew chew!"

As we were searching for a good stall to eat, Ashlyn chirp and motioned me toward the certain stall with her wings.

Seeing how Ashlyn is never wrong about food, I started to walk toward the direction she had motioned.


Soon we reached stall, it was packed full and there is even a long line.

First I didn't understand the reason for its popularity seeing it is just like any other normal stall in fair but when I looked at a pretty girl who is cooking the food, I understood all and became quite shocked.

That is because the girl is cooking with Rule power, I can sense the power of Fire Rule in the fire she using for cooking.

I am quite shocked seeing this, Rule power is quite hard to control, even with the help of memories I would need months even year before I control Rule with the same precision as her.

It is impossible she would have comprehended Rule a few days ago, even if she had seen memories through totem artifact like me and is highly talented, she would need at least a month to get such control.

Sometime later, I found out the reason for her fire mastery through the whispers I heard in line.

It turns out this girl is from Wisdom Tower and cooking is her hobby, so every day after her shift was over, she would set up a shop for a few hours.


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