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Note: Big Chapter.

Kevin! I shouted in my mind, he is sitting on the steps ahead of me and not alone, beside him is Archer girl that had beaten me in the challenge in my town a year ago.

They are both sitting on the steps while looking tired, seeing their faces, I can tell they are dead tired and most probably reached their limit.

There is still distance fourteen stairs between us and he is sitting little far left side, it was just a coincidence that I spotted him, so he wouldn't notice me even if I walked by the step he is sitting on.

Kevin least needs to have the power of trainee super-elite, that is the only requirement of physical strength.

The reason I am shocked is seeing his mental strength, on my way I have seen many people who were oozing the aura of Super Elite lay collapsing on steps all due to not having enough mental strength.

I too nearly have given up earlier, to bear the mental pressure till he reached this step, he must have many experiences that made his mental fortitude this stronger.

While climbing, I furiously fed the mana I had converted from the berserk energy to the seal, the seal stopped sucking mana and started to take shape in my temple space.

18th seal formed completely and it started to some cool energy which started to heal small injuries I have received due to pressure.

The formation 18th seal had given me very small relive from the pressure, it had healed my wounds and I also felt a fraction of metal pressure I was feeling had lessened but it is not enough.

I will need to create a few more seals or second amethyst seal which could help me help me bear the pressure till I reached the top.

After 18th seal is created, I started circulating for the 19th seal. The resistance had increased again but I still kept circulating despite that.

No matter how hard it will get, I will not stop until I reached the top.

Soon I reached the step that Kevin had been sitting on, he did not notice me as he was resting with the archer girl.

"Kevin, I'll see you at the top, hope you are able to reach it,"I said sarcastically as I climb another step while he kept looking at me with a completely dumbfounded and shocked expression, I have never seen him this shocked ever before.

"Haha haha!"

I laugh loudly seeing such expression on his face, not only me Ashlyn also looked at him arrogantly, probably searching that three-eyed devil monkey of his.

While Kevin still kept looking at me dumbfoundedly, I kept taking one step after another while circulating supreme combat exercise.

"Kevin, he seemed a little familiar, who is he?" asked Rain but she did not get an answer as Kevin still hadn't come out shocked seeing Micheal here and climbing high.


Only when rain shouted loudly and shook his shoulder did he came back to himself, "Remember a year ago when we passed by my town, we had little competition there?" Kevin asked.

"Yes I remember." rain replied, "We

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