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I thought for many reasons but there is only one reason that led me to choose the Rule of Killing that is my seamless connection with it.

This connection I felt with Rule of Killing is much stronger than the rest, even my connection with Rule of Killing and rest paled in front of it.

Even if Object of Rule of this Rule is nearly depleted but I can feel if I try hard enough, I can definitely comprehend this Rule.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

When I entered through the door, I had expected to feel myself drown in the feeling of killing but I did not find so.

Beautiful runes could be seen carved across the hall in a concentric circular fashion and in the center of the runic concentric circles lay stark white Axe and around several lines of blood could be seen.

These lines of blood are very thin and faint, and they could be seen appearing, disappearing all over the Axe.

That ax seemed to be Object of Rule which is emitting the power of Rule.

I did not waste time and quickly walked toward the circle.

Soon I reached near the outer runic circle and took a step inside it.

Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill"Ahhh!"

I let out a loud scream as I as the Force of the Rule assaulted me, what I earlier felt was a breeze compared to this storm.

The sensation I felt earlier, it felt quite mild compared to this.

All I heard kill kill kill in my mind and heavy intent of killing had assaulted me, not only that I I am feeling line thousands of axes are hacking across my body.

This Killing Rule had the flavor of madness in it, earlier I also felt a little madness but it a minute but now I am feeling it a hundred times stronger.

I have to keep my mind clear otherwise it will warp my mind and made me mindless killer who only know how to kill.

I just took a step inside the Runic circle and outer circle at that, I can't imagine how much the sensation will increase when I fully enter inside much less other seven circles ahead of me.

Despite having my mind assaulted by such heavy power of Killing Rule which could warp my mind, I did not take a step back.

This Rule is very powerful, more than I had imagined if I able to comprehend its power, then becoming a strong powerhouse would not be out of question otherwise I would have taken my leg out and walked out to comprehend the different Rule.

That is why I did not take a step back and kept rooted on the spot.

The Rule power of Killing keep assaulting me and I kept resisting it but as time passed, I felt like the power of the Rule is increasing gradually and it wouldn't be long before I could break all my resistance.

That would be disastrous, I have to think of the way quickly.

As I kept resisting it, I feel that the power of Rule is sentient as it kept attacking toward the memories where I felt intense intent t

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