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Last night was very fruitful, not only I was able to advance my Body Cleaning Technique to the 17th pose, but I was also able to advance in Supreme Combat Exwercose by two moves, reaching 9th move.

But these two accomplishments pale in comparison to Mutation of Miracle Fruit energy, this would be able to bring me immense benefits beyond my imagination.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Today I will go hunt again and my destination is the same Sardine Hills, it's just that today I plan on going to the north side of it where Grimm race monsters density is little higher than central side where I went last time.

Today, I woke up an hour before dawn and made all my preparation within an hour including eating the meal.

Checking one last time I packed everything, I get out of my apartment were the hovercar was already waiting for me.

In less than fifteen minuits I reached the city gates and relieved to see, there is less crowed than last time. Though there are still thousands of people that are going through the gates, it is still less than last time.

As I get out of city gates, I jumped into the air and started to run on it and like last time, I merged the power of Sunfire into my skill.

Speedily I cut through the wasteland while experimenting on my speed as I wanted to see how much of maximum power I can merge with my skill to get the balanced speed and soon I found an answer, which is 12%.

I can currently handle 12% of the power of Sunfire merge into my flying skill.

It took me less than an hour to cross the wasteland, nine minutes less than the last time. When I had reached the sun had fully risen and the sky is bright.

This time I took a different route than last time as I am moving toward the north, not the central side last time. I am very careful moving through it case I come across any sneak attack.

Though it is near impossible to sneak attack on me due to my killing Rule and this forest contain very few Grimm Race monsters but still better be safe than sorry.

It took me a little more than an hour and a half to get to the north side of the Sardine hills, on the way I saw more than ten people going in the same way as me, unlike last time when I saw only two.

The north side of Sardine Hills not only has a decent number of Grimm Race monsters but they also have more human hunters as well and the reason Sardine hills have more Grimm Race monsters because it's connected to the Mid-level War (Hunting) ground.

Though it is close to Mid-level War Ground, it is still a low-level hunting ground and that is why most of the Grimm Race monsters found here are still Lieutenant, Captain and Major stage, there is rarely any Colonial stage Grimm race monster's venture there.

Seeing a little hazy valley between two hills ahead of me, I started to feel fear and started to regret my decision coming here, I became too impulsive

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