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The werewolf leader leaped at me with a great ax in hand.

Its speed is really fast, the moment he was in his spot and the next moment he appeared right in front of me as his ax come hacking at me.

If I had killing Rule, I would have seen this moment with slow speed and little more clarity and my thoughts became fast enough that I was able to think dozens of options to deal with an ax but still I would have able to dodge as I move seen movements of werewolf as it was about to launch an attack but still it would not have been enough.

This werewolf is too strong, only if my killing rule's comprehension at the level of current Sunfire rule, I would have had a chance to deal with a werewolf with my killing but my killing rule's comprehension is behind the Sunfire Rule.

But it was a good thing the rule I now had activated is Sunfire Rule which is not only one of the best offensive type Rule but when merged with skills, it provides pretty good other boosts also.

I had already activated my strength type skill when I spotted werewolves chasing after the girls and when werewolves had appeared, I had already merged 100% power with my strengthening skill.

I did wish to dodge the coming attack, I want to experience the power of this werewolf attacks, so I could access its true power.

The Great ax came toward me as it specifically aiming at my neck, just a slight mistake, and my head will be decapitated.

Seeing its ax close I swung my sword toward and like a streak of red light my sword clashed against the ax.

Clank! Thud thud thud thud

My sword and its great ax clash and next moment, I felt immense shock inside me that I had to take three steps back but as I was taking a step back the werewolf attacked me again and this time, its attack is three-times faster.

I whipped my sword at it ax as response and flex my legs a little in preparation for the clash.


As werewolves ax clashed against my sword, I felt intense shock which was three times stronger than the last time but unlike last time, I am prepared for this scenario.

As this shock traveled me to my body, wanting to wreak havoc inside but it wasn't able to do that as my body is in the protection of the Sunfire rule and with the help of Sunfire rule, I diverted all my power back into my legs and jumped back.

So, this is its power and it must be hiding a little more, I thought smilingly as I jump back. While taking a jump back, I cast gaze as two sister's battle for a moment and quite surprised to find they are giving three werewolves quite a hard time with their teamwork.

These two sisters had flawless teamwork where they could cover each other flaws and boost each other attacks very flawlessly and the most amazing thing is the rules they have comprehended.

The rules they have comprehended have opposite properties like these two girl's personalities but like them, they work in sync, both of them have comprehended a powerful Level 2 R

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