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"How can one be so powerful at Knight Stage?" I asked, there are about a thousand people in the Guild, beating them without breaking a sweat is simply impossible with the power of the Knight stage.

"My brother didnt tell me much but he said that those who were able to enter Warzones are all experts and within it, those who can become a member S Class guild in it are simply monsters." Sophia.

"Is your brother a member of the S Class guild in warzones?" I asked but soon regretted it as it is too personal.

"I am sorry, I am just too excited that I wasn't able to control myself." I apologized quickly, though we have become friends but not good enough as its just been a few days since we have met.

"You don't have apologized," said Sofia as she casually waved her hand, "As for your question yes, he was part of S Class guild in Warzone but he had left a year ago for the Central continent."Sophia with pride in her face.

Everyone would feel pride if they have such a brother, I hope my little sister would also feel such pride about me when she grew up, I thought as I continue flying toward our apartments.

"So, this is your apartment building, its very close to ours," Sophia said as we landed in front of my apartment building under many gazes.

"Which is your apartment building?" I asked, "That one!" Sophia replied pointing toward light blue color building about a hundred meters away from mine.

"We are practically neighbors now, don't mind us if we dropped by," said Sophia as she flew toward her building with her sister in tow while I walk into mine.

"Chew Chew Chew….."

As I entered the apartment. Ashlyn came out of me and started to chirp at me relentlessly. Her meaning is very clear that she had been very bored cooped up inside and now she wanted something delicious in return.

Ashlyn is abnormal, I have done very deep research and found that there are very very few monsters who could comprehend Rule while they are at Knight stage.

It is extremely rare and only one in a million monsters could do that but that's not the abnormal thing, the abnormal thing is Rule imprinting, there was not a single mention of Rule imprinting in those articles.

It did mention that one would connect to their monsters source or monsters could connect to human's source to comprehend the rules of each other but there was never mentioned about the implantation of Rule power of each other.

Its better than no one know about this abnormal trait of the Ashlyn otherwise, I would be in great trouble.

I gave her a packet of her favorite sweets and went to take the shower when I came back for a shower, I found that Ashlyn had already finished eating the packet of the sweats that I gave her and asking me to cook dinner early as she is feeling very hungry.

"You are always hungry!" I said as I patted her lovingly and started to make the dinner for us. I did not make anything fancy just a simple meal.

In forty minuits, the di

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