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"I have been very jealous when I saw people flying over the city but not anymore, now people are jealous of me seeing me flying over the city."

"Look, I could even see some fellows down below, who are are looking at me jealously," said Sophia laughingly.

"Snort!" snorted Reina to sister's silly comments.

I shook my seeing this, ever since we started to walk on the air over the city Sophia had been making such silly statements. She had even waved at the boy who was watching her from below.

Soon we reached near the gate and walked over it without stooping under numerous jealous and admiring gazes of people.

I am really walking over it, I thought as I walked over the city gates of fort cavendish, I have dreamed of doing this and now I am doing this. Goodbye to the long lines at the city gates.

"We are going to Madeleine swamp, it is a famous rookie area and there are a lot of Grimm monsters found there to hunt." Team Leader said as we cross the city and entered the wasteland.

Madeleine Swamp! That area, I said out loud in my heart. Madeleine swamp is one of the most dangerous hunting ground for the rookies and also it has one of the highest casualties of rookies found in that area.

And the reason for that is those fucking Gatorman tribe and Snakeman tribe, the fuckers from these two tribes hide in the water and perform a sneak attack.

It isn't that these are the only two most dangerous in the swamp, the Black Bearman tribe and few others are also dangerous but these fuckers are very good at sneak attacks and that is why they killed most people than other tribes.

"Isn't that hunting ground bit too dangerous Team Leader?" asked Sophia, a little fear could be seen in her eyes.

"What is there to fear, its just a swamp and even if something dangerous comes up I am sure you guys will able to handle without a problem." said instructor carefreely.

That's not reassuring at all! I said in my mind. If you had said if something dangerous, I will handle then we would feel reassuring.

We all stared at him but he acted as he didnt notice anything and continue running toward the direction of the swamp.

The Madeleine Swamp spread in a very vast area, its area many times larger than the Saltines hill's and probably that is one had a hard time coming across another human being in the Madeleine Swamp, unlike saltine hills where one could easily find another human being within half an hour and that also one of reason the Madeleine swamp is dangerous as one cant easily find help if one is in danger.

"We have come this far but you haven't introduced yourselves to your teammates?" The team leader asked with his ever casual tone.

"Ritchie, Emma, Ben, Sophia, Raina, Micheal." one by one we all introduced ourself and I am finally able to know the name of the girl and body that came after me.

Of all seven people, Sylvian is strongest as he is not only our team Leader and instructor but also he also strongest

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