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I silently followed the two birdmen without making any noise as like me they also seemed to search for prey. Soon I got close enough that my eyes were able to seem them clearly and sense their power.

They both are pigeonmen tribe of the Grimm Race, I first thought they would be Pheasentmen seeing their grey and white the color of their fur but after taking a very good look I've confirmed that they are Pigenmen and both of them are at Major stage.

They are wearing full hunting gear like other Grimm Races monsters and holding thin swords in their hands.

If I had encountered them last time, I definitely would not have fought them, one Major stage is enough for me but now they now that both of My Rule power advanced, I definitely have the confidence to fight them together.

And if my luck is bad and both of them could summon their Spirit Totem or use Occult Method, I sure that I will able to run away from them and my luck would not be this bad to encounter elite Grimm Race Monsters in my 2nd time of hunting also.

The elites are quite rare in rookie areas and it was due to my bad luck that I encountered two elites last time. The elites are very rare to see in the low-level hunting ground, they are usually found in mid-level and High-level hunting ground.

I activated 100% of my Killing Rule and walked out of my hiding place, they did notice me when I walked out of my hiding place, they only noticed me when I walked a few steps.

"Heim, weren't you talking about how hungry you are feeling and look lunch had appeared on its own without us searching it." said one pigeon man to his friend.

"You are right Raul and this one so weak that we will be able to finish him in a minute." said another pigeon and attacked me.

Most of the Bird type Grimm Race monsters cant fly in the knight stage but once they level up from the Knight stage, they started to fly and they have no equal.

Other types of Grimm Race monsters and humans cant compare to them and probably that is why the bird type monsters are best type monsters at best at survival.

I know what they had just said just now is to anger me, with having thousands of years of experience fighting against humans, they have a pretty good idea about us like we had about them.

They can clearly sense I am at the sergeant stage and despite that, I went out on the hunting and that means I am clearly strong enough to vigilant.

Such tactics won't work on me and despite them noting me as their food, I remain calm.

Seeing them speedily coming at with their sword, I also rush toward them, its just that my speed is a little slower.

The bird monster is known for its speed both on-air and ground due to its light as air weight which they take full advantage in the contact.

Though my speed is slower than them, I could still able to see their every movement with my senses enhanced.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnov

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