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Both of our weapons clashed and I flew back and the shock my body received so hugely that even my internal organs got damaged and I about blood entered my but I forcefully swallowed it down.

So this is its real power, well I expect nothing less from the opponent that gave me a feeling of mortal danger.


I forcefully stabilized myself in mid-air and landed on the ground before I could crash against some tree.

I had just stabilized myself when I saw the werewolf coming at me, not even wiping the blood that is dropped from the corner of my mouth, I swung my bright red sword at the werewolf.


This time its ax forceful than the last time but this time I had an initial idea about its strength, so despite flying away by its strike, I am not injured by it as I devoured the force carefully every part of my body and the remaining force that was harmful to me is got dealt by the Sunfire fire.

I would have easily crushed the whole force with my rule power if I had sufficient time but regretfully time is a luxury I did not have as another ax of the werewolf is coming at me and all I could is counter as dodging is not an option for me.


Another forceful attack and I gain flew back like last and this time I flew far enough that I can't see the battle of the twins just hear the sound of their battle with the other three werewolves.

Clank Clank Clank Clank….

While I was flying away by every attack of the werewolf, I am also trying my all to break the seal on 2nd enhancement as this is the only option to win against the werewolf.

I could have run away if I wanted to and despite having such immense strength, it would have been very difficult for the werewolf to catch me but I did not run away as I could feel, I can beat this werewolf.

I had already decided that I will run away when I have no choice and why would I runway? This werewolf is the best opponent I could find and only fighting such opponent would I be able to improve.

If I kept running away when things got tough then I will never be able to achieve my goal.

Since I had started adventuring, I had seen and heard about many things that a boy from a small town never would like the Central continent and Legendary powerhouses of Supreme level organizations that lord over the world.

I know many things as my horizon about the world got bigger but I still cherish the dream that I have from childhood which is participating in the League of Legends.

And this time due to Awakening Ground, a lot of people have comprehended the Rule power and had entered the Grimm battlefield, so they will surely participate in the League of Legends.

This times league legend going to like never before. Since childhood, I only wanted to enter the league of legends but now I am the dream of being at the top.

This dream may seem absurd but I will give my all to achieve it and with my two Rule power, I know I have a pretty good chance

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