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The team leader took us deeper and deeper in order to find a group of Grimm Race monsters that will fight us, we have once come across a group of six Grimm Race monsters but the team leader had turned them into ash saying they are too few for us to pose any challenge.

Till now the team leader has killed about 71 Grimm race monsters and the majority of them were at the Major stage.

It has been one and a half-hour since we venture into the Marsh but till now we have not come across a big group of Grimm Race monsters.

Suddenly the instructor stopped and a moment later I sensed multiple faint killing intent locked our group and when I count that, they are turned out to be a whopping thirteen of them.

Though many of them have varying battle power, one thing is common that all of them at the Major stage, there is one bad thing that two of the thirteen monsters here have similar battle power as the werewolf leader that I fought a few days ago, which means they definitely can call either spirit totem or can comprehend the

Team leader puts his thumb down and casual expression on his face turned little serious, "Be ready to fight, there are thirteen Grimm race monsters that will attack you all in few seconds." said instructor and took a high jump at very fast speed and in just a few seconds, he disappeared from our view.

We all became confused about him leaving suddenly and about to follow him, the Grimm race monsters came out of their hiding place and they are from the Gatorman tribe.

"Looks like that brat sensed us and ran away before we could attack." said one Gatorman who had sickly white skin to his mates, "No worries, the five of them are enough for us to have a light meal." another Gatorman said.

"I and Ritchie will handle three each!""I will handle two!""I will also handle two!""We sisters will handle three together!" said everyone one by after seeing Gatorman appear.

After the instructor told us that he is going to find a big group for us to fight, we had made a plan that as soon as we come across the big group of Grimm race monsters, we will quickly decide how many Grimm monsters we are going to fight.

And if any extra monster remains then we will ask instructors to help us but it looks like we can't rely on instructor now, if we have extra monster left in the next battle then we will have to deal with it somehow.

In this battle, we are quite fine and if all goes well then we will be able to finish the battle within an hour.

"Juno, it looked like the tasty food think they can defeat us." One Gatorman asks other Gatorman beside him.

These two tall Gatorman seemed to the leaders of the Group as they are the two who are radiating highest battle power and these two are the only ones talking while other Gatormen stood ready to attack us.

"Then we should quickly beat them and eat them while they are alive for their impudence."

"Attack them and let them see the Might of our white Gatormen Tri

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