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Just one more, one more! I roared in my mind as I was performing poses of Body Cleansing Technique.

In the past three days, I have made more progress that I thought would be possible, I thought it need me five to six days to perform the 24th pose but I was wrong if I able to persist for some time and able to perform the 24th pose then it will be three days instead of six days.

It is has been three days since we are hunting in the Madeleine Swamp and made very good progress.

On the first day, I had killed eight Grimm Race monsters and harvesting 147 mana crystals, on the second day I had hunted nine Grimm race monsters and harvested 171 mana crystals and today, the 3rd day I had killed the eleven Gimm race monsters and harvested 222 mana crystals.

Today was the most fruitful day of three, not only I had killed the most monster and higher mana crystal but also because I have fought with the three Major stage monster at the same time and killed them only with the power of Sunfire, I did not use my two rules together to kill them.

This is quite a big achievement for me and if I continue killing at this speed then it wouldn't even take even a week for my access for advanced to Level 8.

Currently at I am at quite a big juncture if I am able to perform this 24th pose then my body will go through a second minor cleansing which will increse my strength even more.

The Body Cleansing Technique's main function is Cleaning the body of any injury but that is not its only use, its secondary use is body strengthening. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

It made the body like a furnace and which help the energies like berserk energy fuse with my body even more perfectly which in turn not only made my body stronger but also give the energy of Miracle fruit chance to eat the energies that it needs to grow.

I slowly perform the 23rd pose of the Body Cleansing Techning and at every turn tried to move toward the 24th pose, I may fail many times but I kept trying as only though the persistence will I be able to grow beyond my limits.

Finally, I did it!

I finally reached the 24th pose and started to perform it, as I move forward with this pose, I could see faint grey sweat coming out of my body, its smell awful and I just want to throw up after smelling it but I didnt do that as I still haven't completely performed the 24th pose.

I will only relax when I completely performed the 24th pose as only then will the cleansing will be completed, if I stopped in the halfway, then I will lose this chance and only able to experience next cleansing when I performed the 36th pose.


I don't know how much time it took me to perform the 24th pose with ant-like speed but I finally able to do that and just I finished performing the 24th pose, I collapsed on the ground in my own sweat from which vomit like smell constantly coming, I want to move away

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