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Chapter 1750 - Absorption

About ten seconds after the branches had spread into their body, they begin to absorb the Cosmic Elemental energy.

The speed of absorbing is faster than I had expected, which is a very bad thing as this Cosmic Energy had gone very deep into the twins, and when the branches absorb it at such a fast speed, the pain they give is immense.


I had just throught about pain when I heard the blood-curdling scream from the twins. It is a very painful scream, far more painful than my patient gives.

The cosmic elemental energy is no simple energy; it has a connection with the Cosmic Quintessence, thus very hard to absorb. If I had used my strings to absorb it, I would have utterly failed to do that.

It is one of the reasons why I had made the core central part of my plan. I germinate it using the Cosmic Elemental energy and used extremely precious resources, so it could absorb the powerful Elemental Cosmic Energy.

The screams of the twins have become louder, and they are filled with so much pain that I wanted to close my eyes.

The twin's mother is crying; if not for Old Healers Energy enveloping her, she would have come running toward her daughter. The twins need no disturbance; they are at a very critical juncture; they have to bear this pain with their sanity intact, only that way they can get out of this predicament alive.

Suddenly, I noticed something which made me very surprised but also brough a smile to my face that I immediately opened my eyes and looked around the formation and saw what I had expected to see.

The formation of the floor and on the twin's body glowing very softly; the work of the formation is already over, but it still doing something. It is taking the energy from the Blood Red Vitality Crystal and fusing with the twin's body.

This stage should have happened at the end when branches finished absorbing all the Cosmic Elemental Energy but started at the beginning.

The vital energy it is taking from the crystals is very small, so others had noticed it yet as all of them are looking at the twin's bodies, but they will soon notice it when the runes begin to absorb the greater amount of energy.

The absorption of Cosmic Element Energy is increasing. Its release of vitality energy into the twin's body had also increased with another change had begun. The phantom of trees that is floating above the twins are slowly becoming bigger and more clearer.

Ten more minutes have passed, and now the size of the tree had increased by five to six inches, and they have become even clearer.

The change of the tree is not only happening outside but happening inside two; the tree shape core in the twin's c.h.e.s.t also becoming more solid with the absorption of a greater amount of energy.

The people in the hall had finally noticed the changes that are happening in the hall. The floor of the hall became a little pale compared to other parts of t

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