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Chapter 1752 - Floodgates

The space above the twins begins to wave-like water, and through it, a huge amount of dense cosmic energy begins to pour down on the twins.

"Let's Go!" I shouted, and before words could completely flow out of my mouth, I found myself teleported out of the tower.

I had instructed Old Healer Jasmine to bring me out as soon as Cosmic Energy begins to pour out in such a way.

It is a good thing she was quick, from the feeling I got from that energy; if I had stayed there, even for a moment, I would have found myself infected by Cosmic Elemental energy, which is like a poison to those without proper constitution to store that energy.

Everyone came out of the tower at once, from Sophia and Riana's parents to Patriarch Brandfort. That Cosmic Elemental Energy is as harmful to them as it is to me.

I looked at the tower, whose top floor had turned while from the Blood Red. The twins had s.u.c.k.e.d the vitality of a whole floor full of the Blood Vitality crystals.

"Will twins be fine, Micheal?" asked Janine, the twin's mother. "I don't know, I have done everything I could; what happened next is totally dependent on the twins," I said and sat on the adjusted rock as I am very tired.

Currently, there is no change that could be seen in the tower; only those with powerful eye ability could see the faint flow of Cosmic Elemental Energy from the Top Floor of the tower, and this flow is getting denser by the second.

"The Blood Vitality Crystals." Said Grandmaster with a painful sigh and open his mouth to say something further when he immediately close it when he found Patriarch Bradford is looking at him expressionlessly.

An unexpected change begins in the tower; the vital energy present in the Blood Vitality crystal of below floors moves up before disappearing into the top floor. Within three minutes, the ninth floor had turned while, and now vital energy from the eighth floor is moving up.

Anyone would feel pain seeing that each floor of Blood Red Vitality crystal is comparable to a piece of devine crystal, and in front of their eyes, the vital energy of Blood Red crystal is each floor is being emptied at the record pace.

The Cosmic Elemental Energy also has increased immensely that now, a common person could also sense a terrifying type of energy from the top floor of the tower.

Twenty minutes passed when the cosmic energy has become even denser, and it had covered with the dense bubbling fog of cosmic energy. The left side of the top floor is covered in snow-white Ice Elemental Cosmic Energy while the right side is covered in fiery red Fire Elemental Cosmic Energy.

With these energies covering the top floor, all the contact with the top floor is broke away. My soul sense is getting repelled as it touched that powerful energy, and I even got a small backlash, and I am not the only one who felt the backlash; others felt it too.

As the minute passed, the energy g

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