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Chapter 1760 - Invitation II

"I did not expect you to give me an answer to now Micheal; I just hope that when you hear the offer of the other Supremes, you will remember my offer that after joining the Blood Sun, no resources or position would be out of reach for you," He said.

I nodded at him, thankful that he had not pressured me with his power; ever since I had come here, he had not released even a hit of his strength.

"While I know you have saved the twins because they are your friends and not because they are members of Blood Sun. I would still like to show my gratitude as their teacher with this little reward; I hope you will accept it," he said, and the next moment, I saw a black bracelet appearing in my l.a.p.

"Grand Lord, there is no need for the reward; as I had said, I saved them because they are my friend," I said, without checking what was contained in the storage.

It is not because of the pure heart but because it had already said the reward I want to come with very big strings attached. Compared to that reward, whatever he offered mean nothing much to me.

"Take it; if you do not accept it, I would consider you do not respect me," Patriarch said, with a much serious voice than before. I wanted to reject it again, but seeing his expressions, I stopped and placed the storage band in my storage without checking what's inside them.

My action seemed to surprise the old man as a look of surprise flashed into his eyes for a moment before it disappeared just as quickly.

"What are your plans, Micheal? Will you be staying in Blood Sun for few weeks and give us a chance to show our hospitality?" He asked.

"I can't stay long, Grand Lord; I will be leaving in three to four days after I make the necessary checks on Sofia and Raina," I replied. With him not giving me what I want, there is no need for me to stay here more than it is necessary.

"Micheal, you should stay at least a week?" Sophia asked, to that, I shook my head. "I can't even if I want to; there are too many things for me to do in the academy," I said and turned old man and about to ask permission to leave when he spoke again.

"Micheal, you seemed to have killed a few Tyrants, right; I am sure you have harvested them into your novel Essence Roses," "Would you be generous and give me one Essence Rose? I have long been very interested in them." Patriarch asked.

"What! You killed Tyrants!" Before I could reply to him, Sophia exclaimed and now looking at me with wide, shocked eyes.

"Hehe, girls, you should not underestimate the host of Celestial Inheritance; those who are able to create their own paths are not simple people," "Even if you have gained the Elemental Bodies, you girls will still have to work hard if you want to defeat this friend of yours," Patriarch said before he looked at me with expectant eyes.

"Here is the Essence Rose patriarch!" I said and give the wooden box to him. I had killed a total of seven T

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