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Chapter 1749 - Nascent Core

As the sprout coming out of the seeds, the change could be seen in the two seeds. At first, both seeds were purple in color, but now, the fiery red pattern could be seen on the seed above Sophia, and the Snow-white pattern could be seen on the seed floating above Raina.

I looked at the phantoms for a moment before focusing on the real thing inside the c.h.e.s.t; it will be the most important thing for the twins if they survived.

When the elementalization process starts, it first formed the core inside the body, and through the core, the cosmic elemental energy spread into the in a gentle uniformed fashion, changing the body in perfect fashion.

This did not happen with Sophia and Raina; there was no 'Core' formation; the cosmic elemental energy had simply assaulted their body. It is a good thing our world is small, and its connection with cosmic quintessence is faint, which made the process slow.

If it had the bigger world with a greater connection with Cosmic Quintessence, twins would not even have a week, but the chances of unstable elementalization there would also have been low.

What I am trying to do is create a core; the seed I planted will turn into a tree, and that three will act as the core for the elementalization. It may seem simple, but it is extremely hard as the first this nascent tree had to do it suck away all the cosmic energy that twins bodies had absorbed, and it is not an easy thing, not to forget it will be an extremely painful process to the tweens.

As the seed germinated, it begins to grow. The sprout begins to absorb more cosmic energy and grow, it is not only absorbing cosmic elemental energy but the energy of solution to balance the things out; if it only absorbs the cosmic elemental energy, it will wither and die.

At least it will need the support of the solution till it became m.a.t.u.r.e enough before it could absorb the cosmic elemental energy without the support of the solution.

Time passed by, and another ten minutes passed when the sprout transform into the seedling. The seed had disappeared, in its place, the roots have the place and upper like, the small leaves have appeared.

First, both trees have had purple covering the majority part, but it had become a minority in the tree. The most prminanemnt color in both trees now is Fiery Red and Snow White.

As the tree begins to grow, it begins to absorb more and more Cosmic Elemental energy in the heart and energy of solution to balance out. The more energy it absorbs, the greater transformation begins to happen in the tree.

Half an hour later, the great transformation appeared as the tree finished successfully absorbing all the Cosmic Elemental energy from the heart, and it also nearly absorbed all the energy of the solution, leaving less than 1%, which nothing.

I couldn't help but take a sigh of relief seeing that, when I gate list of materials, I intentionally maximize it,

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