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Chapter 1742 - Surprised

Two days passed in a blink, and fortunately, we had not got ambushed another group of Grimm Monsters again.

A few hours ago, we had left the suppression of Devil's Gate and now returned to normal space of the world; in half an hour, we will land in the Fort Xander, and after that, I will change the airship for the Academy.

Before the attack, I would have definitely called the teacher and asked her to send the Professor to pick me up, but now, with the attack, I am not doing that. It had been only two days since the attack, and news should not have reached the teacher; I hope it did not; otherwise, she will definably send the Professor.

In the past two days, I had been in my room and did not go out even once. I had told them I had suffered some injuries and would need to heal them in my room. Nobody questioned my excuse; some of the Tyrants who fought had also been quite injured and now resting in the room.

Miss Constance contacted me more than ten times, wanting to come to my room for the talk, but I declined her straightforwardly, using the same excuse, which is she did not believe and even said it, but I still did not let her in.

I had already revealed too many of my secrets to her and did not reveal any of them further; the less I talked to her, the better.

I remained in my room for few more minutes before walking out when there are five minutes remaining for the airship to land on the Fort.

Soon, I reached the control room, and all the five Tyrants present there looked at me. I wanted to remain in my room till the airship land on the port, but repeated messages from Miss Constance and some Tyrant forced me to come out early.

It would be too rude if I did not come out and meet them. Its not like I would have to spend hours with them; it just a few minutes; once the airship landed on the Fort, we would go our separate ways.

"Jerome, you have finally come out; I hope all your injuries have been healed?" Miss Constance asked; one could detect a hint of sarcasm in her voice which she intentionally decided to ignore.

"I barely able to stabilize them, Lady Mars; I have to let healer have a look at them once we reached Fort Xander to avoid the future complication," I replied with a smile as I took a seat beside her.

I could see the twitching of her mouth and could clearly see she wanted to say something, but she controlled herself and did not.

"I am glad to see that," "It would have been bad if your injuries had flared, seeing we don't have a healer on the board who could help but Tyrants injuries," she said with the same hint to sarcasm, and now it is my turn to twitch.

The other Tyrants seemed to understand we are something between the lines, but they have not asked about it out of politeness.

"Jerome, it was good that lady Mars hid you for emergencies; if not for you, that Grimm Monster would have slaughtered all the Emperors in the airship," Said

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