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Chapter 1728 - Healing II

"She is completely healed; please take her out of the coffin," I said as the upper screen of the coffin had dissolved. Just as I said, energy seeped into my coffin, and a lady floated out of it.

"Th..thank you!" said the lady weakly, to which I could only smile. "Give her mild healing potion; her body is currently too weak to take the regular healing potion," I said to the shocked faces of Tyrants and Emperors around me; even more, Constance is faintly shocked.

She would not have been if I had not healed that Tyrant lady so quickly. I had needed more than two and half hours to heal Miss Constance but needed only half an hour to heal that lady.

"Bring me the most serious patient," I said to them, and when suddenly I remembered something. "All of them injured by the same Wormaster, right?" I asked, "Yes, there was only one Wormaster among those who ambushed them." Miss Constance replied.

I nodded at her answer before I focused on the man in his mid-forties who had been dropped into my coffin by the doctor. As he did, the screen sealed the coffin again.

I had asked that question before if they had been injured by the same Worm master, things would become much easier for me. I had already s.u.c.k.e.d the Worm energy, and with its intense supression of energy inside the patient, the healing would become much easier.

It would become easier with each patient as more Worm energy piled up in the coffin and counter supression through them became more and more powerful.

Right after the coffin sealed, strings again pierced into the patient's body and started to suck the worms, which had become intensely suppressed. This time my vines begin to released the attractive energy from the beginning, and loads of worms are s.u.c.k.e.d toward them as they are attracted by a powerful magnet.

Minutes passed by; each minute, the expressions on the patient's face would become graver and graver as my vines spread further inside him, which would, in turn, would heal him faster.

Twenty-four minutes later, the seal of the coffin disappeared again, and patients floated out without me saying anything, and the next patient floated in.

I did not say a word to that and close the coffin before it started healing again. With practiced ease, I sent my vines inside the patient, and they started s.u.c.k.i.n.g the Worms, which had nearly frozen in their places with the powerful counter supression.

Time passed, and a third patient had also healed, and another patient appeared in the coffin soundlessly.

I healed them with all my focus; at one point, I became so focused that everything else disappeared in front of my view, and the only thing I could see the patient I am healing. I want to heal them, quickly as possible at the best of my ability without damaging their foundation.

Sometimes healers do that when they are focused on saving the life and time is short. It is not their fault as their

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