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Chapter 1744 - Unstable Elementalization

Lord Mycroft pushed open the huge gates of the tower, which is made of blood-red crystals as the tower and also had dense runes carved on them.

I stopped for a moment as I entered the tower; the vital energy radiating from the blood-red crystals came at me, opened all the pores in my body, and made me feel like I am in some exceptional spa.

I would have like benefit from this feeling in peace, but Lord Mycroft did not stop for even a moment, and I had followed him to the stairs.

We climbed stare after stare without stopping at any floor. I thought we would stop on the first floor or the second floor and I will finally know why I have been brought here without my choice, but no, we kept climbing the stairs till we finally reached the top floor.


Lord Mycroft opened the door to the top floor, and we entered inside, which looked huge round hall. There are a couple of people here, all with powerful aura, but one attracted the most attention; seeing him, my eyes couldn't help but widen up in shock.

"Patriarch," "Grand Lord!"

Four of us greeted the old man in front of him respectfully; Professor and I even bowed a little; it is due to our respect for him.

"Is he the one? He looked quite different than I saw him last time," The old man said as he looked at me. His gaze is simple, without any hint of the soul sense, but he still couldn't help but shudder to see those grey eyes.

This old man, who looked to be in his mid-sixties, is actually over four hundred years old and is one of the strongest people in the whole world. He is Patriarch Brandford, the most powerful man in the Blood Sun.

"Micheal, take off the mask," Professor said; I am a little surprised hearing it, but I nodded and tapped on my forehead. As I did, my bones begin to move, and my skin begins to change color.

A minute later, I changed back to my original appearance and took the mask from my face to reveal my original appearance.

"It is quite an artifact your academy has," Patriarch Bradford commented as he looked at the ceramic mask in my hand.

"Professor, why I had brought here?" I finally asked; my question is a little rude in front of such a person, but I had enough with the silence. I had plans, but they disrupted them all, and they had brought me here without giving me the notice.

"I had called you here," A familiar voice said, "Teacher!" I exclaimed, hearing the voice, and saw my teacher walking out of the green energy circle, which is in the center of the hall.

"What are you doing here, teacher?" I asked and looked at her; she is quite a mess. Her face is tired, her eyes are red, it looks like she hadn't slept for weeks and is in very stressful condition.

"It will be better to show you than tell you, come?" she said with a sigh and asked me to follow her, and I did, and soon we entered the energy screen and when I saw the scene inside, a shock couldn'

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