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Chapter 1732 - Crystal Horned Rhinoman


My heart couldn't help but thump loudly, seeing the dent on the airship's hull getting bigger and bigger.

I first thought it is Grimm Monster attack that is making such dents and nearly regretted not taking an escape pod as I am no match for the Tyrant who could make such dents, but when I observed the dents carefully, I noticed the dents are too uniformed to made by the attack which made me take a small sigh of relief.

If I am not wrong, which I should not be, or I would be a hell of a lot of trouble, the dents are had been made by some sort of artifact or tool, which made me take a small sigh of relief.

Seeing the dents, it won't be long before the Grimm Monster broke through the hull, and I have to be ready to attack it at a moment's notice; it would be great if I could kill it with a single attack or at least severely injure it.

I had all the Emperors leave the immediate area; though they are quite strong with their experience in the Devil's Gate, it is Tyrants we are dealing with which could kill them by tens with the simple wave of their hands.


Suddenly a loud bang rant out and much louder than the previous ones that it had to take the huge hole into the airship.

Bang Bang Bang

It was a good thing I was prepared and already erected the shield to deal with shrapnel that came out of such an attack. These shrapnels, which my shield easily deflecting, would tear through the shields of Emperors as if they were butter.

"Hahaha, I did not expect some Emperor is still hiding in an airship; I guess it would not be a boring slaughter!" The Grimm Monster said, seeing me coming toward it with a blurring speed.

I moved through the hole which Grimm Monster just tore off; the hole is small double of my size, which would not have been enough for Grimm Monster is come in, and it is better we fight outside; fighting inside will result in it many unintended casualties, despite the fact that it is strategically best location for me given how the airship is for human size.


My sword clashed against the golden brown ax of it, and as it did, I felt huge power coming at me and had to take a couple of steps back to stabilize myself. As I did, I couldn't help but look at the Grimm Monster ahead of me with wide eyes.

'F.u.c.k, this bastard would be tough!' I thought inside me.

The Grimm Monster in front of me, Crystal Horn Rhinoman but not a normal Crystal Horn Rhinoman but a one that had awakened its Bloodline, which made its horn turn from simple crystal to a golden brown Crystal.

It is wearing earth crystal armor which is simple in design and emits raw crushing power. In its hand had a seven-meter long ax which had a brown metal handle and golden crystal blade which looked extremely sharp.

"Human, you would have to do better than that if you want to anything against me," It said mockingly and swung its ax t

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