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Chapter 1746 - Treatment

Seven hours later, I finished reading all the files of twins and closed my eyes to think in my Inheritance space.

The condition of the twins is worse than I had thought, much worse. The cosmic elemental energy had spread everywhere their body and soul uncontrollably like cancer, and it had completely destroyed the Inheritance in twin's bodies.

The Inheritance, the twins, have is nothing special; it was not even an apex Inheritance. That Inheritance just suited with their constitution; the other powerful Inheritances they tried had been rejected by their constitution.

While their condition is worse than I had thought, there is a slight chance, though it is not much, still seeing their condition, it is the only chance they have.

I wonder if the topic of elementalization brought by Lord Al was intentional; when I go over the conversation and remember his expression, I very much believed that he had intentionally told me about the elementalization.

While he told me about Elimenetalization, he never told me about the diagnosis of the unstable elementalization, which I have to discover myself.

Fortunately, I already have a faint idea of what I have to do before, and now I have to make that faint idea comple, design a complete treatment for them which is not an easy thing seeing how much time I have.

I thought for a while before opening a dumpster and taking some formation out of them, quickly making some changes in them before visualizing the metaphysical state of the twins and checking formations in it.

Hours passed by; after I am done finished with the formation, I took some of my old notes and started scribbling with the pen I had imagined.

The condition of the twins is entirely different from any other ailments I had come across. It is extremely complex where a single mistake during the diagnosis will kill them instantly, so I have to be extremely careful to not kill my friends by mistake.

I had spent a day inside my Inheritance Space before opening my eyes and found, all of them are still looking at me. It had nearly ten hours since I had got my hands on the report, which I read for six hours and then spent four hours in my Inheritance space, and these people are still here.

"There is a chance that twins could be healed," I said softly, found bodies of people in front of me shake, especially of the old healer jasmine and Patriarch Bradford.

"What did not say?" Patriarch Bradford asked as he got his emotions controlled. "I said there is a chance they could be healed, though the chance is minute, about 20%," I replied with controlled breaths as his powerful aura brough down on me.

It is good that the teacher immediately touched my shoulder, and her aura covered me, helping me resist the aura that Patriarch Bradford emitted intentionally or unintentionally.

"Lord Bradford, control your aura; it is affecting the Vitality Formation of the tower," The ol

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