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Chapter 1748 - Core Formation

"You guys understood what you have to do, right?" I asked about fifteen minutes later when I finished explaining them; by that time, the speed of Elementalization picked up by five times, which is greater than what records have suggested, though not entirely unexpected.

"We understand," Both of them said in unison in a very straining voice. The Elementaliation process is painful, and what will happen next will be even more painful, but I have full confidence in friends; the pain will not stop them from recovering.

"Grandmaster, you can start!" I said, and he nodded and opened the valve of the vat beside him, and thick crimson color liquid begins to come out and started filling the runes which have been carved on the floor of the hall.

The crimson liquid begins to fill the runes at rapid speed; within a minute quarter of the runes had been filled and, it won't take more than four minutes for all the runes to be filled with crimson solution.

This crimson solution could be said to be one of the most expensive alchemical solutions in the world. It not only contains the divine crystals but also three more materials of the same grade and counterless other extremely rare materials as Miracle fruits and many other things.

If one looks at the solution carefully, one will see there is a faint hollow covering the solution; it is a divine hollow created by the divine crystals.

Four more minutes passed, and all the runes in the giant formation had been filled with crimson solution.

"Are you guys ready!" I asked the twins, and they nodded in affirmation. There might be a smile on my face, but I am under extreme pressure; old monster Bradford and others are looking at me intensely; it is very hard to work under such powerful gazes.

"Let's begin then!" I said, and purple seed appeared on both of my hands, and I took those seeds at the hearts of the twins and released them, and they directly seeped through the twin's skin into their hearts.


As the seeds entered their heart, I activated the formation, and just as I did, a bright crimson glow lit inside the blood-red hole, dying it in the shade of crimson.

The carved runes glowed brightly before they started to move from their places and begin climbed into the bodies of twins. Not all the runes moved at the twins, but 65% of them did, and within a minute, the twins' bodies were completely covered in the runes with a heart of them as the center.


'Let begin the germination,' and connected the runic formations to the seeds in the twin's body just as I did; two loud buzzes rang out, surprising me greatly before twins bodies started to shine, in fiery red and snow-white color.

I placed both of my palms on a small formation circle in front of me; these circles would let me see the complete state of the twin's body. Usually, I use my touch and soul sense, but in this condition, it would not be wise

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