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Chapter 1734 - Beaten Blue and Black I

'Rose Protection!'

I said in my mind and activated my defensive skill, which I had been saving on hold since I had detected the danger.

As I activated my defensive method, three layers of the defensive shield have materialized. They are in the form of beautiful golden maple leaves, which are thousands in numbers in all three layers, and all of them swirling around me beautifully.

My defensive method is not only looked pretty, but it is also pretty powerful; these leaves contain quite a much essence power of my runes, and now I just hope they will be able to help me survive the attack of this Rhinoman which is looking at me as if I am already dead.

The moment my defensive method materialized, the long golden brown crystal thorns appeared next to them and moved toward them with destructive strength.


Hundreds of crystals thorns clashed against my leaves, creating defeaning metallic sounds that make one believe that hundreds of people are fighting.

The crystal thorns shattered into dust as they clashed against the maple leaves of my defensive method. The attacks of thorns are powerful, and they bring huge power with every clash and my leaves taking it all but not without cost.

One could see the clear cracks appeared on the leaves, and they are spreading fast. The power of the attack is not to be underestimated; it is huge, and if I had faced it when I came out of the Sunlit Dome, I would not have been able to defend against a single-crystal thorn, much less thousands of them.


A loud 'Bang' sound rang out, and gold maple leaves of first later exploded into powder; not one of them had remained, and now crystal thorns are coming at the second layer of defense where golden maple leaves are glittering with power.

The third layer has transferred a huge amount of harnessed power into the second layer, making it even more powerful; it would not be easy for the thorns to break through the second layer like the first layer.

Still, there is a chance they would be able to do it, the first layer of defense barely able to take out one-third of the crystal thorns, and there is quite a huge number that had remained.


The thorns begin to clash with the second layer, each thorn wanting to pierce through the leaf but barely able to make a crack before turning into the dust.

All the leaves are interconnected, and the power of every attack would be equally transferred to each leaf. So, unless the attack is so powerful that it is beyond the limit of the leaf, there is no way the leaf would shatter.

Barely five seconds had passed since the attack had begun, and already the smile on the face of the Crystal Horn Rhinoman disappeared. Now it is looking at the attacks seriously and manipulating the thorns actively for greater efficiency.

"It is a very good defensive method human; one could rarely come across

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