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Chapter 1736 - Strings

A frown appeared on its face as it entered the Rose Domain before its ugly face smoothened up with a hint of mockery as it attacked me again, and this time, its attack is more powerful than before, much more powerful.


Crack Crack Crack

Our weapons clashed again, and just as they did, I felt cracks running down on my bones as I blasted back vomiting. The cracks are far greater than before, and even with the healing power of my body working at its full capacity,

I gritted my teeth and bore the pain while focusing on the next phase of my plan. I could not let it discover that thing till it is ready. Once it discovered it, I would have never been able to use that thing on this bastard without getting discovered.

It is a good thing; we are still in Devil's Gate. Though the suppressive effect is very faint, barely affecting the Tyrant, it is still good for me; I could hide many things in the shadow of the suppression.


I am getting beaten black and blue. The more I am resisting, the more power it is using in its attacks which are extremely strongs.

Still, I am reaching my limit; if I take a few of its attacks, my bones will turn into dust, and my internal organs would shatter into pieces.

Eleven more seconds passed, and I got attacked with few more times. I had reached my limit, and if it got attacked with such fearsome power once more, there is no way I could survive. So, I have to act even when the plan is not ready.

There is a high chance it would break out of it, seeing the preparation are still incomplete, but I have no choice to do than, as not doing anything means death.

It again came walking, leaving behind countless afterimages, and soon it appeared in front of me and move its ax back to take a swung. Its movements seemed casual and slow, but they are extremely fast that even I could not see them properly.

'Let's see how strong my strings are.' With that thought. I activated my strings, and just as I did, Rhonoman stopped on its, and great shock appeared on its face as it found itself bound in a light net of string strings.

The strings have appeared, and they begin to suck near liquid bloodline aura covering its body and started to suck with their maximum power and grow.

The strings revealed themselves as they started the suck, till now they are growing on my energy and nearly emptied all my storage which is one of the reasons why I had acted early.

The strings did not take much energy to grow; what nearly emptied my storage was making them fully invisible, so they could not be seen, heard, felt, or sensed. It takes a huge amount of energy and concentration.

"Petty tricks will not help you human!" It said and moves its ax toward me, but the next moment a frown couldnt help but appeared on its face as it found out the speed and power of its attack had been severely affected.

"Die, you bastard!" Rh

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