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Chapter 1764 - Home

"Goodbye, Micheal," Twins said as I appeared from their eyes and entered the space sea with the professor.

"Home sweet home," I said as we appeared in the academy; looking around, nothing seemed to have changed; everything seemed the same as before when I left about a year ago.

"Thank You, professor," I said, "No problem," she said and flew away. I watched her disappeared from my view before flying toward my house.

It is evening, and the sky is glittering with the stars. The sky seemed to be unusually clear today, which is likely why there seemed to be a lot more people than usual, and most of them in a pair, it seemed to be a perfect night for the date night.

Seeing others with their girlfriends and lovers, memories of Mira couldn't help but a flood in my heart, whom I had not seen in a year, or talked. She is training in the secrete ruin of her organization and had not come outside yet.

I miss her, but there is nothing I could do about it; till we became powerful Tyrants, we will not be able to reveal our faces in public.

Relationsh.i.p.s are hard, especially to the people of our station, and there is nothing we could do about it unless we are ready to discard it all and became hermits in a dissolute place where no one is able to find us, which of course is not an option.

Soon, I reached my house, a beautiful house floating in the center of the lake; it is neither big nor small; it is a perfect place for me.

Teacher wanted me to change my place, choose one of the villas that are reserved for the successor, but I declined her offer; I love this place and have no intentions to change.


Landing on the porch, I went inside and found it just as I left. I looked around for a few minutes before I went to the training room directly; it is time for me to do something that I wanted to do for the past few days.

Inside the training room, I sat cross-legged in the center of it before closing my eyes and entering my Inheritance Space.

These four things that are floating in front of me are the thing I got from the twins, and they are extremely precious.

When I created the seeds for the twins, I had left no backdoor there, I am their friend, and I would never do that. Though I left something in there, there are two things I left in the seeds, they are recorder and collector.

The recorder is which will record everything that happens the moment the seeds fuse with the twin's boy, recording the whole elemetalization process.

The two violet scrolls are the recording of Raina and Sophia's transformation into the Elemental Bodies. Such data is immensely precious, and if not for this data is being too important to me, I would not have been dared to trudge on the grey line.

I have been studying the two scrolls for four days with every free minute I got, but I was barely able to scratch the surface. Still, the data I got from barely scratching its surface is b

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