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The third Mana Crytal had been created and werewolf looked like it had aged years and now in its last years.

Its hair became dull while and its skin became wrinkly and sickly, I hope that it will survive till this forth crystal is made at least.

Though its body had decayed due to absorption but its spirit is still there as it is still struggling with all despite feeling the immense pain of absorption.

Seeing that some feeling mercy had arisen in my heart but I quickly quashed it before it could take a root.

This is war and in it, there is no space for mercy. Either we killed them all or they exterminate us, this the going to be the only result of this war.

As the more time passed by sorrow became more apparent in its eyes, it had appeared in its eyes since I placed the crystal disk on its chest.

It's feeling sorrow not because of it's inevitable but death but because he thinks that crystal disk is going suck all its spirit and his spirit is not going be assimilate in his tribe's totem.

Every member of the Grimm Race had very zealous devotion toward their own tribes totem and after death, they wished that their spirit will assimilate into their tribe's Totem but Crystal Disk won't let them do that as according to them sucked their spirit.

This is why they hate the crystal disk so zealously.

We don't know if its true or not as their power system involve faith, sacrifices and different other things.

All we know is based on the Grimm race monster over course of thousands of years.

Our information about Grimm Race's power system would have been more in depts if we were able to see the holy ground of the tribe but unfortunately, that's not possible as all holy grounds of all Grimm tribes are located in their homeworld.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


The fourth Crystal had been made and the werewolf had become a husk of skin and bone which is barely hanging by his dear life by a thread.

Well, it didn't matter even if it's dead, the crystal disk going suck all the energy off its body either way.

It has been twenty minutes since I placed the Crystal disk on its chest and it had produced just four Mana Crystals till now.

If I had high-grade Crystal Disk, this werewolf would have turned into husk within a minute and crystals I produced from it would be lot more from it.

There is a vast difference between low grade and High-Grade Crystal Disk, the only saving grace is that both of them produced the same quality mana crystals.

"It's dead finally!" I said as looked at the dead husky body of the werewolf, still, its eyes were open and emotion unwillingness, anger, pain and sorrow still visible in its eyes.

The Crystal Disk is showing is only 21% when the werewolf was dead and the numbers are still advancing as if the death of the werewolf hadn't affected it a bit.

A few minutes more pa

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