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As I received more and more wounds, the mysterious energy that Ratmans blade released inside them tried to enter inside me through them but I was able to keep it in the bay with the power of my Rules.

More injuries started appearing on my body from the first second and in just a few seconds their quantity becomes so great that they had appeared on every inch of my body including my face.

I have rarely ever received injury on the face but now I have received so many injuries on my face that they are greater than all the injuries I have received it till now.

Clank Clank Clank Clank Clank Slash....

As time passed my intuition became stronger and the slashes that I had received on my body started lessening but still, I had received quite many serious injuries. It is due to the sheer willpower that I holding on, otherwise, I would have collapsed long ago due to serious injuries and mysterious energy that tried to infiltrate my body.

Clank Clank Slash Clank Clank...

Seeing I getting better and better at defending as time passed, it suddenly increased the intensity of its attacks.

The mysteriousness of its movement increased and I am having a hard time defending against its attack despite having High intuition.

If this going on then I won't be able to last more than five-second, I thought worriedly and gave my all for defending against its attacks but its not enough.


Suddenly I felt an intense premonition of death and next moment killing Intent skyrocketed to an alarming degree, it is the heaviest killing intent I've sensed in real life.

The very next second, I felt blade coming toward my neck at extremely fast speed and my sword and shield too far away defend against it.

The neck and the crotch are the only two areas in my body that were free of blade cuts, I had taken cuts on other vital areas but never let blade touch these two areas but now the blade is coming at extremely high speed and if I didnt do anything else then it would slice my neck apart.

As for the protection of defense skill and defense equipment, they are like paper in front it that could smoothly cut through with the slight force.

The defense made of both of my Rule power is not easily cut through but this damn occult skill has some kind of weird energy that it could even cut through the defense made of Rule power's if they are not strong enough.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

If I had survived this fight by some blessing, I would sure research more about the occult skills, so I won't be caught off guard like this next time.

He had just launched this attack just a fraction of second ago but in such a small time I was able to think about hundreds of options that could save me but except for one,

I thought through the hundreds of options and the only option I find that have slight chance to save me is a dodge, yes a simple dodge bu

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