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I was a little shocked by his revelation, I thought all the people that had comprehended the Rule power and are below Captain stage came from republic but look like we are not the only lucky ones who got the chance of their life, there are other people also.

"When did you came to the Fort Cavendish?" I asked feeling curious, "Oh, we have come six months ago." replied the handsome boy.

"How rude of us, we sat on your table and hadn't introduced ourselves!" said the girl who was petting Ashlyn a few seconds ago.

"I am Ruby and this fellow here is Seth, and we are from Ardeia." said Ruby as she introduced herself, "We are neighbors then!" I said with a laugh as republic and Ardeia are the neighboring countries.

"You guys from castellan are really lucky to comprehend Rule from Awakening Ground, here everyone has to pay a shitload of Merit points if they want to comprehend Rule power," Ruby said as he looked around the bar where many people looking at us with envious gazes.

"You can comprehend Rule power here?" I asked in surprise, I had guessed in the place like Grimm Battlefield there would be facilities that help people comprehend the Rule but I did not expect it to have it in the Fort Cavendish as it just outpost of Grimm Battlefield 11, not one of the important battlefronts and there is no mention of it in the introductory document that provided to us by Fort Cavendish.

"Yeah, Fort Cavendish has a Rule palace but it cost one shitload of Merit points if one has to do that."

"We were quite lucky to get a chance to comprehend Rule power without paying anything, these people have to work hard for at least a year before they could amass enough Merit points to enter the Rule palace," said Seth as he looked at the people sitting on the bar.

I could only nod to that, I don't know how much merit point needed to enter Rule palace of Fort Cavendish but it is huge to make Captain evolver work hard for a year to amass them.

"Have you guys joined the Guild?" I asked the question that I had been wanting to ask for quite a while.

Hearing my question, their faces lit up like a lightbulb and look of pride had appeared on their faces.

"Of course we joined the guild, we joined the very week we landed in the fort Cavendish," said Seth laughingly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"If you don't mind me asking, which one is it?" I asked, before coming to the bar, I had read about all the A, B and S Class guilds of fort Cavendish.

"It's Black Thunder." both of them said in unison and looked of pride couldn't be more apparent on their faces.

As they said the name of their guild, I started to remember details of the guild that I read less than an hour ago.

"Our guild is A-Class guild and counted in top 10 A class guilds in the Cavendish City and our guild is also an official subsidiary of Raging Thunder, the S Class guild in the Fort

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