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"Clank Clank Clank...."

I swiftly take out my sword from its sheath and it clashed against all seven metallic vines that struck at me from all directions but that was just starting of their offense.

Clank Clank Clank …..

The metallic vines started to madly flail at me but no matter how much they tried they aren't able to counter my tight defense.

The power of these vines could be compared to the average Lieutenant stage but at the skill, they are being used is way above that and I am defending against this lieutenant stage attacks without using any Rule power.

If I did not have the huge fighting experience and skill, then I would have to use my strengthening skill at its limit and might as well have had to add little rule power in it to increase my speed but for now, I have no need to do that.

The Robot hadn't moved from its place, it's just stood there like a statue with only attacking me with its vines.

Fire Strike! Fire Strike! Fire Strike!

While clashing with seven metallic vines of tree man robot, I also launched an attack at it. Just that this attack contains 5% percent power of the Sunfire Rule, if I attacked normal firebolt or special firebolt with no ruling power, it would have made no effect on this Robot as this Robot have the power of the Lieutenant stage.

Ruby had told me not only I had to defend against the attack of Robots but I had to attack as well and my attacks have powerful and only then would I be able to gain more Combat Score.

As in real fight against the opponent, it did not matter how good you counter your enemy's attacks but how quickly you defeat and to defeat the opponent, one will need to have powerful offensive.

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I again launched nine fire bolts with 5% power of Sunfire, by the time I launched my last bolt, one minute had been over and I felt a sudden increase of power from the metal vines.

Their strength and speed increased suddenly and their attacks have become even more skilled, it was a good thing I was ready and just have to increase my pace again to counter them.

Their speed and strength had increased but I am still able to maintain my pace without increasing the power of my skill.

The Treeman Robot hadn't moved from its spot but that's not surprising as from what I read, the robot didn't move from his spot of at least 6 th minutes.

For at least sixty minutes, it will keep attacking with its long-range attack and it will move only after the sixth minute was over.

Ruby said that Robot she had fought kept attacking her with energy beams for an 11 th minutes and only moved at 12 th suits.

In Seth's case, it was early but still, the robot moved from its spot at 8 th minutes, it is different for everyone but one thing is common that the Robot won't move from its place before 6 th minute

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